15 Week Belly

Today marks the end of 15 weeks — we’re 37.5% of the way there :). The belly shot is for my mother, so that she can stop thinking I’m making shit up when I tell her there’s really not that much to see yet.

Well actually, I posted the belly shot for another reason as well. A few weeks ago, I got curious about when I was going to start “showing,” and I started surfing the internet for information (maybe you can see where this is going). Between a bunch of my girlfriends’ pregnancy pictures on Facebook and the awesome power of Google, I came to the conclusion that everyone shows by week 12; some people even earlier. Everyone, apparently, except me.  Aside from occasionally looking like I may have eaten a few too many bonbons, I still have a pretty flat tummy, and believe me, it was even flatter three weeks ago. On the other hand, some of those Google Images chicks looked like they were going to need maternity clothes at week 9! So of course the wheels started turning and I had a mild freak-out about whether the baby was okay, whether s/he was growing normally, etcetera, etcetera.

But here’s the deal: I did a bit more research, and it turns out that there are several factors that influence how early a woman shows, one of which is the ability of her abdominal muscles to relax and let the uterus “pop.” Translation: if you have strong abs and have never been pregnant before, you will show later. So apparently, instead of feeling paranoid I should feel smug, but truthfully, I was just happy to hear that little heartbeat on Monday and to know that everything is okay and proceeding normally.



100 kettlebell swings
90 sit-ups
80 squats
70 mountain climbers (total)
60 lunges (total)
50 V-ups
40 box jumps
30 burpees
20 pull-ups
10 thrusters (65 lbs barbell)

Not sure yet how I’m going to tackle this one (I have another hour and a half in which to fret about this — class starts at 6:00). A few weeks ago I started to find that my recovery time is somewhat slower than it used to be, and I’m worried about ending up with glutes, hams and quads so sore that I can’t walk tomorrow. I’m also a little bit worried about how my abs and lower back will respond to 90 sit-ups plus 50 V-ups. A couple of possible courses of action:

A. Do the whole workout, as prescribed, but ratchet down the intensity and don’t compete with the rest of the class (in fact, don’t time it at all); or

B. Do half of the number of reps of each exercise.

I’m sort of inclined towards Option B right now, and then I can spend the remaining time stretching and working on my double-unders.

UPDATE: What I really felt like doing by about 5:00 PM was Option C — have a nap and forget about going to the gym 🙂 — but I managed to drag my butt into class and do half of the prescribed reps in 13 min 47 sec. To be completely honest, I felt good afterwards and probably could have managed the whole workout. On the other hand, at least I won’t be ridiculously sore all weekend and can hopefully get up to the mountains for some snowshoeing.

6 responses to “THE “BUMP” (OR LACK THEREOF)

  1. i didn’t have even the semblance of a tiny bump until week 20 with the first pregnancy. all i did was jog 4-5 times a week, nothing strenuous. my diet was the same as pre-pregnancy. the second time around, though….i tried to get my abs as tight as possible during the past 2.5 years, but a super active newborn/infant/toddler has made it hard for me to do much than jog 3-4 times a week. i’m now nearly 5 weeks and already feel bloated.

  2. I didn’t show till 24 wks. I am also a crossfitting Mum from London
    My son is 3 months and am now looking for the whole family to “Go Palio” previously we have just eaten a balanced diet but now I have a little one to be responsible for I think it’s time to make the switch.

    • Oh yes, somebody sent me a link a couple of months ago to your post about your final CrossFit workout, where everybody carried the weight of a baby 🙂

      I think you’ll see a big difference when you switch to Paleo. I noticed that I was leaner and less bloated within a week, and after the initial shock to my system, my CrossFit performance improved immensely.

  3. Girl I can’t believe you were working out like that at all in the first trimester! I found this blog post because I was trying to find out how to have a smaller baby second time around . I thought maybe if I had tighter abs the baby would have less room to grow so big . Like a fish that stay small if it’s in a small fish tank. my baby girl was an even 9 pounds when she was born and I had to push for four hours and having an episiotomy. My doctor told me I should try and have a smaller baby next time but I was too tired to ask her how to do that . I just said OK I agree and collapsed into sleep.

  4. Hi! I’m currently 14 weeks pregnant and am exactly in the same mental/physical state as you were in during this post! I’m searching for other lifter preggo ladies’ advice/journey documentation and wondering when I am ever going to *look* pregnant (I thought I was crazy/normal when i saw 14 week baby bump pics online and thought “yikes”…when I’m worried about being all flat and wondering if kid is growing) I’m so thankful to have found your blog. I know these posts are way in the past, but I wanted to thank you and wish you and your fam the best. I’ll be furiously reading and charting my own fit-preg path, but I thank you for the reference baseline I can look to. Hoping to kick ass like you did.

    All the best!

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