I have been very fortunate, thus far, to have not had to deal with any unusual or unmanageable cravings. I’ve heard horror stories from some of my male friends about being sent out to 7Eleven in the middle of the night to track down some obscure food combination that their pregnant partner absolutely had to have RIGHT F-ING NOW!! I can’t say this has happened to me yet, and I’m hoping it simply won’t. So far, my cravings have mostly been limited to passing thoughts of things that “might be nice,” usually as a result of some external suggestion (seeing a picture on the internet, reading an article, etc.).

As a rule, we don’t keep non-paleo foods in the apartment. If we want something as a treat, we either have it in a restaurant or we go out and buy a small amount to be consumed immediately, with any leftovers thrown out.

I got to thinking on the weekend that this has resulted in a fairly bomb-proof system to manage any cravings that do arise: I simply leverage my pregnancy exhaustion against the craving, and exhaustion usually wins. Without having a reliable junk food supply in the apartment, I actually have to drag my sorry pregnant ass to the store if I ever want to satisfy a craving. Most of the time, I’m just too damn tired to do it!  🙂


SUNDAY (yesterday)

Short hike on Burnaby Mountain plus a 90-minute gymnastics class.


Today, a very well deserved rest day, and Valentine’s Day dinner 🙂

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