Before I knew I was pregnant, I signed myself up for an eight-week series of adult gymnastics classes.  I figured it would be a lot of fun (it is!), and a great way to improve my balance, coordination, agility, flexibility and strength.  I went to the first two classes, but unfortunately skipped the last three due to being completely exhausted by the time evening rolled around.  I am planning to go tonight, though, as I have only three more classes left in this session, and I really don’t think it would be advisable for me to register for next session, given that it would take me from weeks 19 through 26 of my pregnancy 😉


Apparently gymnastics falls under the category of “not recommended during pregnancy.”  I can kind of see why, but at this point, where I’m still quite lean, strong and coordinated, and I don’t have much of a belly to get in the way or throw me off balance, I think it’s perfectly okay for me.  I find that certain skills are a little bit uncomfortable (bridges and excessively long handstands), and I am definitely more cautious than usual, especially when it comes to movements that might result in falling from a height, but mostly I am enjoying myself, and I’m really glad that I decided to try this.


UPDATE:  Too tired.  Didn’t make it.  Oh well.  😦

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