17 Weeks -- and new maternity jeans!


Maternity fashion.


This must be one of the world’s great oxymorons.  I broke down earlier this week and went off in search of some maternity pants because it suddenly seems that none of my pants fit me anymore.  Well, except one pair of dress pants that pre-pregnancy was about two sizes too big for me and could be pulled down without undoing them.  And even those are too snug now if I have to sit down.  At the risk of spending the rest of my pregnancy in sweat pants and stretchy Lululemon, I figured it was time to bite the bullet.


Alas, I have discovered that unless you are willing to fork over $200+ for a pair of jeans that you’re only going to wear for six months (just for the record, I’m not the sort of person who EVER forks over $200+ for a pair of jeans), the pickings for maternity “fashion” are pretty slim.  And if you’re tall and thin, they’re even slimmer, because a pre-pregnancy size 6 equals a maternity size small, and we all know that nothing in size small is ever designed to fit a woman with a 34-inch inseam!


I managed to find one cute pair of jeans that fits me quite nicely… as long as I don’t move.  At all.  As soon as I walk, sit down or stand up, they slide down and I end up with a saggy butt.  It’s kind of annoying having to pull my pants up every five minutes. Maybe they’ll stay up a little better once my stomach gets bigger?


Other than that, I’m 17 weeks today and everything is great.  I’m now getting through most days without a nap, and I feel pretty good at the gym.  I may or may not have felt the baby move — I’m new at this and it’s really difficult to tell what’s what in there. I’m sort of showing — sometimes — depending on what I’m wearing and what I’ve eaten.  It’s definitely not obvious to anyone who doesn’t know me, but this week was the first time that somebody who knows me guessed that I’m pregnant, so that was pretty cool.


We have an exciting month coming up, with our first maternity ward tour next Friday, our four-month midwife appointment the following week, and the second trimester ultrasound two weeks after that.  Lots to look forward to!  🙂




THURSDAY (yesterday) – Rest day.


1 mile run (on the treadmill) — 8 min 41 sec

3 rounds of:
50 med ball jumping squats (15 lb ball)
40 single-arm push-press (16 kg kettlebell)
30 sumo deadlift high pulls (16 kg kettlebell)
20 push-ups
10 pull-ups

28 min 56 sec

This one was a bugger — those jumping squats and single-arm push-presses were more difficult than I thought they would be. And not to brag or anything, but I did have the fastest time in the class, which means I even beat the guys 🙂

3 responses to “17 WEEKS

  1. I see the “little” tummy there!!!!
    You look great!!!
    Unless you really need clothes for going out, stick to the Lululemon, it is much more comfortable.
    Enjoying your posts………..

  2. My mom said she used elastic hair ties wrapped around the button of her pants and looped through the buttonhole to fit into her pre-pregnancy pants for longer. She just wore longer shirts to cover it up. Maybe that might be useful since your tummy seems to want to stay small for longer!

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