18 weeks -- and a very lovely bruise on the wrist courtesy of yesterday's workout 🙂

Eighteen weeks down, 22 to go… or at least I hope it’s only 22 more!  Seems that a whole lot of friends’ first babies have been overstaying their welcome in the womb lately.


This afternoon we had a tour of our local maternity ward, St. Paul’s, which was a great way to scope the place out in advance and make sure that we’ll be comfortable there. I never thought I’d be wanting to give birth in a “faith-based” hospital (read: there are actually crucifixes hanging on the walls in every room!), but there we are.  It’s new-ish, clean and comfortable, everyone gets private rooms with ensuite jetted tubs (even if you don’t have extended health insurance), and it’s only five blocks from home. Some of the delivery rooms even overlook the beautiful heritage houses and quiet, tree-lined streets of Mole Hill.


Surprisingly, in a city of this size, there is only one other maternity ward — BC Women’s Hospital.  Otherwise, we’d have to head to North Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey or New Westminster, all of which offer far too much risk of ending up parked on a bridge and/or the Trans-Canada Highway if we have to get there during rush hour.


I must say that I really liked the philosophy of care at St. Paul’s.  Their set-up allows women to labour, deliver and recover in the same room, so it’s a lot easier to settle in and feel comfortable right from the get-go.  Plus, they promote skin-to-skin contact immediately after birth, they leave the baby with the mother at all times (unless the baby requires specialized medical care), they help out with breastfeeding, and will teach any day-to-day care skills you need to know before heading home.  Overall, it seems like a pretty decent place to have  a baby, even if the exterior is crumbling and the ER predominantly serves the local skid row community.




5 rounds of “Bear Complex” with 3-5 min rest in between rounds (not timed):
Bear Complex = [power clean — front squat — push press — back squat — push press] x 7 without putting the bar down
Max weight: 85 lbs

7 responses to “18 WEEKS

  1. Random question, but I just noticed the bird cages in the background of your photo. Can I ask what kind you have? We have three – timneh grey, sun conure, and blue crown conure. 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing your experience!

    I follow the Primal lifestyle (though not as intense as you!), and wanted to hear your reason for choosing a hospital over being at home.

    As an example, I was a vegetarian for about a year, during which I continued to buy leather shoes and bags…for me there was a disconnect at the core level, which eventually made me rethink my definition and motivation of “health”. Any thoughts?

  3. Hi Christine,

    We’ve got a budgie and a parrotlet; both very spoiled, as you can tell by the ridiculous size of their cages! 😉

  4. Hi curiouskait,

    We did consider the option of a home birth — and because we’ve chosen to use a midwife instead of an OB, we would be medically supported in doing so — but in the end I decided that this being my first pregnancy and neither of us really knowing firsthand what to expect, I am more comfortable having immediate access to advanced medical care, should the need arise. I think that if everything goes smoothly with this birth, we’d certainly re-consider for #2.

    Also, the hospital is right in our neighbourhood, just a few blocks from home, and the maternity ward seemed to be a very calm, supportive and community-oriented environment — not at all the bright, cold and institutional space I imagined.

  5. Hi Carly,

    Just wanted to say congrats–Brayden told me that you were expecting last night! Exciting times!

    If you need any long-distance support, give me a holler 😉


    • Hi Charmaine,

      Great to hear from you! I just saw that you are working as a doula – that’s fantastic! I’ll definitely be in touch, and thanks for the offer of support. I think you guys should take a trip back to the Motherland on or around August 5th 😉


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