19 Weeks - where did that belly come from?!

Most of my regular workout clothes are now too tight around the waist (all my pants, tights and shorts) or too short and tight (hello, UnderArmour t-shirts!).  As for the maternity-specific gym clothes I saw, suffice it to say they looked more like loungewear than workout clothes.  I somehow doubt they would be safe for the type of workouts I’m doing (think: tripping over floppy, wide legs while running, or constantly having to pull the waist up while doing… pretty much anything).


So I went off in pursuit of “normal” workout clothes that can accommodate a pregnant belly, and was pleasantly surprised. Here were my best finds:


From Lululemon

While Lululemon does not make maternity clothing per se, they do have some specific items that are very well suited to fitting both pregnant and non-pregnant women.

Astro Pants and Astro Crop — the crossover waistband is super soft and comfortable, and fits really nicely just below the belly.  It can also be rolled down for an even lower rise.  They are a slim, athletic fit, and the long pants have only a slight flare at the bottom; very conducive to CrossFit-type workouts and running, where the extra fabric in a wider flare can potentially be a tripping hazard.

Cool Racerback Tank (in photo above) — long, soft and very stretchy, to accommodate the bump throughout the entire pregnancy (and then shrink right back to its original size for regular use afterwards!).  This was a great fitting top pre-pregnancy, and fits so well right now that I bought myself two more 🙂

Run Swiftly Tech Top — another long, soft and stretchy top that fits really nicely over the bump.  It’s made with anti-stink Silverescent thread, which actually works!


From Aritzia/TNA:

TNA basic black leggings (no link available, but worn in photo above) — for $22, these are an absolute steal.  They are high quality enough that they look nice on the bum and won’t get wrecked at the gym, but stretchier and more low-waisted than Lululemon’s running tights, so they sit really nicely below the belly.  They are also thin and stylish enough to use as tights under a long top or dress (as long as you can cover the shiny logo on the back of the waistband).  There are no hems at the bottoms, and they can be trimmed in three different places for various cropped lengths.  My only complaint is that even in their longest iteration, they are still about an inch shorter than I would like them to be, so if you have super long legs, these might not be the best choice.


From Vibram:

FiveFingers TrekSport — I can’t say enough good things about my Vibram FiveFingers shoes.  I have been wearing them for everything from sailing, to hiking, to the gym for the better part of four years.  They may look funny, but they’re awesome! This particular model (new last year) is my favourite for hiking and CrossFit, as the slightly thicker rubber offers a little bit better protection against bumps and bruises on the soles of the feet.  Lately I’m finding that my traditional runners give me major foot cramps, and that I’m much more comfortable training in either “bare feet” (Vibrams) or socks.


Other than that, today marks Week 19 — almost halfway there! 🙂

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