22 Weeks

Over the course of the past week we have both started to be able to feel the baby kicking from the outside!  He’s becoming quite active now, and I feel him moving throughout the day and night, especially after meals.  It’s also been really nice to finally stop referring to him as “it.” 🙂


With the Spartan Race coming up in a month and a half, I’ve realized that I’m going to have to step up my training a little bit and start incorporating two or three sessions per week of trail running into my program.  My body is changing at a very rapid pace now, so it is important that I begin to hit the trails regularly and learn to adjust to my ever-shifting centre of gravity.


But there’s one small problem… well, two, actually.  The first is that the weather has been rather dismal this week, save for a gloriously sunny afternoon on Thursday.  And as much as I normally don’t mind being outdoors in the rain, it’s quite late in the year for such damp and cool weather, and that’s definitely taking its toll on my motivation.


The second problem is that I actually haven’t been trail running since this time last year, when I wiped out on a steep downhill sprint and very badly sprained my left ankle.  Although I got the go-ahead to start doing some light trail running again in the fall, I was understandably ambivalent due to the higher potential for re-injury within the first year following the injury.  I generally eschew trail running in favour of snowshoeing through the winter season; thus, a year has now come and gone without me getting back on the running trails.


Now that my ankle is completely healed and doesn’t require any external support, I really have no excuse, but I guess I’m still just a little bit hesitant to conquer my demon (AKA the Lynn Loop trail); hence why I have been procrastinating getting out there.  It would probably help if I could convince somebody very patient and/or slow to come along with me for the first couple of runs… anyone? 🙂

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