I am definitely beginning to hit some physical limitations with my workouts, though surprisingly, they are not at all what I expected.  For example, I’ve no issues whatsoever with running, burpees, box jumps, or even handstands, yet rowing is becoming uncomfortable, which I find odd, because it seems that most pregnant CrossFitters row right up until the ends of their pregnancies.


Thus far, there are three things I can absolutely no longer do: handstand push-ups (not strong enough to push the extra body weight), chest-to-bar pull-ups (again, the extra weight, plus the fact that it’s uncomfortable to kip hard enough to get up there), and V-sit-ups.  Rowing, sit-ups and lifting from the floor (deadlifts, cleans, etc.) are a little bit uncomfortable, as my belly gets in the way, but they’re still manageable in reasonable quantities.  Pull-ups and push-ups in any great number are becoming difficult, since I’m basically doing them with an extra 15 or so pounds, but I figure that will only make me stronger post-birth.  I’m still fine with running, skipping, jumping and ballistic movements, and plan to keep these up for as long as possible.


I think the takeaway for me has been that every woman’s body is different and responds differently to the demands of pregnancy.  There is definitely no “one-size-fits-all” model for when and how to scale.


In other news, I finally managed to get out for a run on the sea wall Saturday evening, as we had a brief respite from the cold, rainy weather and I wanted to take full advantage of it.  I ran in my Vibram FiveFingers, which felt fantastic, but of course I could barely walk on Sunday because my calves were so tight!  I guess that’s what I get for not easing into it at the beginning of the season. 🙂  I have to say that it was a really nice change for me to just run at a comfortable pace and enjoy the experience, versus my usual meticulous timing and measuring habits (I normally run with a GPS so I can keep myself at a target pace).  I was hoping to start my trail running this week, but if it continues to be three degrees and raining as it was today, that just might have to wait until next week (I know, I’m being a wuss!).





Worked on squat cleans, snatches and double-unders



2 wall climbs
4 flights of stairs
8 inverted burpees (roll + handstand)
16 pull-ups
32 med ball jumping squats (10 lbs)
64 sit-ups
128 single skips
256 m run
128 single skips
64 sit-ups
32 med ball jumping squats
16 pull-ups
8 inverted burpees
4 flights of stairs
2 wall climbs



Fitness test (see here for details)
20-metre shuttle run — Stage 6.0
Push-ups — 28
Sit-ups in 60 sec — 42
Hand grip — 94 lbs



3 rounds:
10 deadlifts (135 lbs)
50 double-unders
20 push-ups (these were way harder than I thought they would be!)



Worked on front squats, back squats and deadlifts (sets of 5)



Run on the sea wall



One-rep max of:
Squat clean – 135 lbs
Push-press – 130 lbs
Sumo stance deadlift – 225 lbs

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