With only four months until baby arrives (um… yikes?), I have finally started to do some shopping, albeit, no major purchases yet.  I have discovered that both Value Village (thrift store) and Craigslist are wonderful sources of cheap baby clothes.


Baby items at Value Village for the most part range from $2 to $4, and Craigslist… well let me tell you about Craigslist.  For gear (strollers, toys, furniture, etc.), it is hit and miss — there are a lot of people asking way too much money for used items just because they themselves paid way too much for them retail — but for clothes, you absolutely cannot go wrong.  The going rate is around $1 to $2 per item — or sometimes less, as long as you’re willing to buy someone’s “lot” of 30-100 items without picking through them.


This evening, I bought a box of 60 pieces of 0-6 months clothing for $35.  Some of it is not really my taste, some of it is a bit too “previously loved” for my liking… and some of it is just great.  I’ll probably donate about half the items to charity once I sort through it carefully, but all said and done, I’ll still be averaging about $1 per piece.


Based on my experiences this week, I have now set a goal to not spend more than $5 on any one item of clothing (outerwear excepted) for at least the first 18 months of the little guy’s life.  I am fairly confident that between hand-me-downs, thrift stores and good old Craigslist, I can save a ton of money, which we can then put towards the more important and long-lasting stuff, like a good quality stroller, a hiking carrier and a bike seat. 🙂  This strategy will also make it a lot easier to get rid of stuff as he outgrows it, since I won’t have the guilt associated with getting rid of expensive things that are “still good.”


In other news, we just had our five-month midwife checkup, and everything is great.  It’s getting much easier for them to pick up the baby’s heartbeat on the doppler now, and apparently by next visit, it may even be able to be heard with a stethoscope. The ultrasound report was fine (baby’s growth on track, all parts where they’re supposed to be), but as expected, we are going to have a follow-up scan at 28 weeks just to make sure there are no growth concerns related to the “marginal” (meaning on the margin or side as opposed to the middle) insertion of the umbilical cord into the placenta.  We also discussed testing for gestational diabetes, and managed to negotiate an alternative to the “glucose tolerance test,” but that’s something I’d like to address in more detail in a later post, since I think there are some very important considerations for anyone following a Paleo (or low-carb) lifestyle.



Value Village - under $15!

3 responses to “I <3 CRAIGSLIST!

  1. Definitely interested in reading about the glucose test alternative you’ve come up with. I’ve had 2 babies, and just took the glucose test like a “good patient” unquestioningly – but if I end up pregnant again I intend to refuse it – I always felt so terrible after the fasting then all jittery after drinking the sugary liquid. I just can’t imagine that type of swing is good for baby or mama.

  2. I will definitely try to get that post up this week, but the test itself involves fasting and then consuming a typical meal (for me) and having my blood glucose tested within 2 hours of the meal. Seems to me that approach makes MUCH more sense, since it shows how my body reacts to the foods I routinely consume. Why test my tolerance to something my body doesn’t normally have to deal with?

  3. Love to hear your post about the glucose alternative also. I am pregnant too and instead of the oral glucose test, which I refuse to take, I’m taking my own blood sugar 4 times a day for 2 weeks at the request of my midwife. Not fun, but better than drinking the sugar water. Just found your site… enjoying looking around!

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