Two weeks ago I reintroduced eggs back into my diet, and it appears that (thankfully!) they were not the culprit behind the mysterious itching. During my two-week elimination diet, the itching decreased substantially, but I had also switched to a different moisturizer, and I suspect that’s what did the trick.


Both the itching and the rash have for the most part gone away; in fact, I rarely itch at all now.  I am continuing to use Aveeno once or twice each day, because it’s working well and because the ingredients list for this particular formula actually isn’t terribly offensive (Aveeno Active Naturals Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion — fragrance free).  I also tried some pure aloe vera gel I purchased from Whole Foods, but oddly enough it seemed to make me even itchier!


I know that I’d be better off using something completely natural and plant-derived, but I’m honestly so grateful to not be driven crazy by itching anymore, that I don’t want to mess with what is working.  I’m also really happy that eggs were not the cause of my problems, since I really do love having them for breakfast every morning.


Whether it was hormones, excessive dryness, or some combination of the two, the worst seems to be over (at least for now…).

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