26 Weeks

I cannot believe how quickly time is passing now!  The first 18 weeks seemed to drag by ever so slowly, probably because I never really looked or felt pregnant throughout most of it (other than being a lot more tired than usual).  I would literally count down the days until appointments and other milestones that were still weeks away.

Now I suddenly find myself in the last week of my second trimester, and I realize just how much we have left to do and how little time there is in which to do it. For starters, we haven’t even begun to set up the nursery.  It is presently used as the guest room/office/”man cave” and is home to a whole bunch of books (J’s), sports gear (mine), military kit (mine), camera gear (J’s) and computer equipment (J’s) that don’t have any other home.  Over the next few weeks, there is going to have to be some serious purging and re-organizing of our storage lockers, the second bedroom and the general premises.  I also really want to get the room painted, as it is currently a very pale (almost white) shade of pink, with 90’s-esque glossy, dark mauve crown mouldings (it was like this when we moved in!). Besides being horribly ugly, it simply will not do for a boy’s room.  We will probably paint the walls a nice neutral taupe, which will go well with both the blue carpeting (yeah, I know…) and the crib bedding.

We still haven’t bought much in the way of baby stuff, but I’m okay with that because the more reviews I read about various baby gear, the more I realize that we won’t truly know what is going to work for us or our baby until after he arrives.  So the bouncy lounge seat, exersaucer, play gym and swing will wait, and will only be purchased if necessary.  We’ll buy the baby sling/carrier once we can actually test a few of them out with the little guy in tow.  We’ll look for a high chair or booster once he’s able to be seated at the table and start playing around with solid foods.  We’ll probably avoid the baby dresser and change table altogether, instead opting for a classic chest of drawers with a simple change pad on top.

What we have bought so far are a crib, mattress and bedding set that we purchased second-hand from Craigslist (we are both adamant that he will sleep in his own room as soon as possible), a Bumbo seat, also second-hand from Craigslist, and a bunch of new and used clothing for the first six months (on which I am very proud to say I have not spent more than five dollars for any single item!). Our only splurge has been a brand new, top-of-the-line hiking carrier, the Deuter Kid Comfort III, because I like to spend a lot of time up in the mountains hiking and snowshoeing, and we got a smoking deal on it by using my REI dividends and a time-sensitive 20% off coupon.  We’ll also splurge on the stroller, since we live downtown and do most of our day-to-day activities on foot.

I know I haven’t posted much about my exercise routine of late, so I will make a point of doing so in the coming week.  I will also post the fourth and final segment of the cloth diapers versus disposables series.  In the interim, though, I have a video from this morning’s CrossFit workout, which was “Grace” — 30 clean and jerks for time (95 pounds).  I completed the workout in 4:13 — a far cry from my previous record of 2:48, but not too shabby for 26 weeks pregnant :-).  I know that my form is less than optimal during some of the reps; however, my belly is really starting to get in the way now, so it’s tricky to get myself into a proper low starting position when I’m trying to do reps for time.  But rest assured that 95 pounds is still fairly light for me, so there was never any danger of hurting my back.  Enjoy!

CrossFit “Grace” – 26 Weeks Pregnant

3 responses to “26 WEEKS – AND A CROSSFIT VIDEO!

  1. Love love love these videos!! You have no idea how much you’re helping this fit pregnant lady! I’m so sick of people telling me I can’t do things when I feel fine! Thank you!! I know this was a few years ago and it’s sad that people’s perspective on what pregnant woman can do has not changed much at all.

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