29 Weeks

I guess it makes sense, but it had never really occurred to me that my rib cage would have to expand to accommodate my growing uterus and upward-migrating belly.  I’d been noticing some discomfort in my rib area for a couple of months now, which I had attributed to my bras becoming tighter and to pressure from a full stomach after meals. The other night, however, I was feeling quite achy and uncomfortable, and when I put my hands on my ribs to massage the area, I discovered that my entire rib cage has opened up and that the ribs I can see and feel have actually migrated a couple of inches on each side!  Why have I never read about this in any of the pregnancy books?  I can’t possibly be the only woman who has experienced this!

I continue to be truly amazed by all of the adaptations the human body makes in order to accommodate a pregnancy…

In other news, I realized last week that it has been months since I’ve had any substantial recovery period from my exercise routine, and I was experiencing a lot of Braxton-Hicks contractions, so I took an entire week off from working out, and will be back in full force tomorrow.  I always feel much stronger and more motivated after a short break, especially when I have been taxing my body to the degree that I have been lately.

I’m really looking forward to this week’s workout roster.  We’re doing the “Filthy Fifty” on Friday — one of my all-time favourites — and I’m curious to see whether I can still do all of the movements as prescribed.  I suspect that knees-to-elbows might have to be ditched in favour of reverse crunches, or maybe just plain old sit-ups (which I am still able to do, albeit much more slowly now).

Oh, and here is my 29 week photo from last Friday — belated again 😉

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