Wow.  After a week away from the gym, the sudden decline in my physical abilities is astounding. This was of course to be expected by this point in the pregnancy, but I just didn’t think it would happen over such a short time period. I thought it would be a much more gradual change.

For today’s workout, we were supposed to run one mile, then complete 10 rounds of five toes-to-bar, 10 power snatches (45 lbs) and 20 squats, then run another mile. I admit, it was a beast of a workout, especially since our mile run route requires us to run down five and a half flights of stairs to street level, then a half mile downhill, followed by a half mile uphill, and back up five and a half flights of stairs to the gym. (Oh, and hopefully nobody from my gym reads this, as I am very sheepishly going to admit that I actually took the elevator back up to the gym at the end of each of the runs ;))

To start, my one mile run was slow… and I mean pathetically slow. I don’t think I could have done 50 toes-to-bar if my life depended on it, so I tried doing knees-to-elbows instead, which were even more difficult. Then I tried reverse crunches, which were basically impossible due to my large belly. So I substituted plain old sit-ups, and you know what? Those sets of five sit-ups were tough — almost as tough as toes-to-bar would have been for me in a non-pregnant state! I guess this shouldn’t be surprising, given that I’m almost at 30 weeks now, but I had literally done hundreds of sit-ups through weeks 27 and 28, so I was genuinely shocked to find them so difficult in mere sets of five.

The power snatches and squats were fine, but I realized at about round three (and close to 20 minutes in) that I’d probably be there all night if I attempted to complete the full 10 rounds, so I cut the middle section down to five rounds and then bookended the workout with the second very slow one-mile run.

Total time: 36:11. Most of the morning class completed the entire workout in around 40 to 45 minutes, so this was definitely not my best showing. But on a positive note, I’m not at all sore from the running, even though I thought it would be hard on the pelvis.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll go to prenatal yoga instead…

…Just kidding! 😛

3 responses to “WORKING OUT IS HARD TO DO

  1. Yes hitting the third trimester has completely slowed me down. I think the pelvic pain I’m dealing with as well is worse with running, so I’m going to start rowing more instead.

    I figure everything we’ve done up until now has done a world of good for our little guys so we should just keep doing what we can, even if it’s half or even a quarter of what we’re capable of!

    My doc says the pain I’m feeling is Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction… apparently pretty common and not much to be done about it. Is that what you’re dealing with too?

  2. I’ve never heard of that before… though I don’t mention any workout-related discomforts to my healthcare providers, since I already know what they’ll tell me 😉

    Looking at the Wikipedia entry for SPD, it sounds like a plausible cause, though for me the aching has really only shown up when I’ve done very strenuous or hip-centric workouts, and it’s definitely not lasted more than a couple of days at a time, nor been particularly painful (just achy and uncomfortable).

    I was talking to one of my friends who is a physiotherapist, and she said that pelvic pain – especially related to exercise – is pretty par for the course at this point in pregnancy, and that it will actually be worse for a period post-delivery, since everything will have been stretched and moved to the max.

    My solution for now is just to take rest days as needed, and have a nice bath every now and then to soothe my sore muscles 🙂

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