I’ve had to do a fair bit of scaling on my workouts in the last couple of weeks. Yesterday’s workout featured 30 consecutive pull-ups, which I might have been able to complete unassisted in sets of two or three at a time, but I broke down and used the three-quarter inch band for assistance. In retrospect, given that even with the band I was only doing them in sets of five to six, the light band was probably an appropriate level of scaling for me. We also had to complete 20 consecutive handstand push-ups, which I knew would be impossible at this point (though I almost managed to get one out during the warm-up!), so I substituted 95 pound push-presses instead. In future, I will probably use a slightly heavier weight — perhaps 110 pounds — to more closely approximate the difficulty of a handstand push-up.

Today, however, I was treated to a perfectly do-able, short and sweet workout that didn’t require any scaling: 21-15-9 of sumo deadlifts (135 pounds) and box jumps (18 inches). Sumo deadlifts are perfect for pregnancy, since the wider stance easily accommodates the belly; however, I probably should have also widened my grip, as you will see in the video below, since it looks like I had to bend my elbows at the top of each rep in order to allow for full hip extension (pushing my belly through my arms).

I haven’t done box jumps for a while, so I wasn’t entirely certain that I’d still be able to do them, but when I tried a few before the workout, they were relatively easy. That is to say, they were easy in the sense that I’m surprisingly agile enough to jump both up and down without hurting myself, but the feeling was akin to doing them with a 20 pound weight vest strapped to me! 🙂

Without further ado, here is the video evidence. Unfortunately, the camera kept shifting each time I dropped the barbell, so the last set of box jumps is slightly off screen.


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