I spent a considerable amount of time investigating the multitude of options for prenatal classes, and I was really pleased to find a local non-profit organization (The Childbearing Society) that offers what has thus far turned out to be a great series of classes. In looking for classes, both J. and I wanted something that would be informative and thorough, well-paced (no weekend “crash course”) and not based exclusively on any one particular philosophy (e.g. Lamaze, Birthing from Within, etc.). Neither of us were keen to attend any sort of hippy earth mother type classes where we would spend our evenings creating spiritual uterus art and visualizing our happy places; we just wanted factual, unbiased information that would allow us to make our own birthing decisions based on our comfort level.

So far, we have been really impressed with what we have experienced. The two-hour classes seem to fly by, and are filled with plenty of information, useful videos, hands-on activities and lively discussions. They are positive classes that inspire confidence that women’s bodies are in most cases perfectly well-designed to give birth to healthy babies with little or no medical intervention.

Compared with other prenatal courses I looked into, we also get a lot of classes out of this deal. We started with two “moms only” and a “dads only” class, then we have seven couples prenatal classes and a breastfeeding class, followed by a class reunion and eight post-natal classes. Since neither of our families live nearby, I think it will be really helpful to have the additional support in the post-natal period. It’s also nice to be able to connect with other couples who are at roughly the same phase in pregnancy as we are, as we can share our concerns and experiences, and hopefully develop some lasting connections.

All in all, both J. and I agree that we are getting much more from a class setting than we could ever get from books alone, and that these classes have been well worth every penny.

2 responses to “BABY SCHOOL

    • We went with the classes from the Lower Mainland Childbearing Society. They were fantastic, and I’d highly recommend them.

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