With less than a month to go, I am still able to be quite active, which pleases me immensely 🙂 But as much as it pains me to admit it, I am definitely slowing down now. I’m also finding myself tired and in need of a nap by the mid-to-late afternoon. For a few weeks, I tried distracting myself from the tiredness by going out for a walk or having a coffee, but it would just return again shortly afterwards, and I’ve realized that the only thing that truly helps me feel better is a nap. So be it.

On Monday, a friend and I went for a 10 kilometre hike in Lynn Headwaters Regional Park. This is a trail that I would normally prefer to run, but instead, we hiked it at a very brisk pace. Later that evening I had some minor pain in my pelvis, which was mostly gone by the end of the next day, but my feet were surprisingly sore, even yesterday. I had worn my Vibram FiveFingers, as I always do on this trail, but the terrain is very rocky and uneven, and I think that I might have slightly strained a ligament in my left foot, no thanks to the pregnancy hormone relaxin. It feels much better today; however, so I think I’m going to take a shot at a gym-based workout this evening, as the weather is lousy today and I don’t feel much like being outside.

Speaking of gyms, another big change for me is that I am looking for a new place to train. I recently left my gym (for reasons unrelated to the pregnancy), and am in the process of determining where I will work out after the baby is born. For now, a combination of outdoor activities, workouts in the park (which I love!) and drop-ins at the community centre during inclement weather will easily get me through the next few weeks, but in the fall, I will need to find a permanent indoor training facility.

Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Generally, the types of gyms that have on-site childcare are not the types that condone jumping, throwing, dropping weights, using chalk, and quite frankly, doing any hard work at all. Yet most CrossFit-style gyms do not have on-site childcare, nor any provisions for accommodating little ones during parents’ workouts. Both the YMCA and my local community centre have fantastic childcare, but their facilities are less than optimal for CrossFit training. It looks like J and I are simply going to have to be really diligent about scheduling our gym time in such a way that allows us to trade off kid duty.

If the sunshine returns, I will try to post some photos or videos of one of my park workouts.


  1. I just found out I was pregnant as well and this is something that has crossed my mind. Our crossfit box is in a very small space and even if they were allow me to bring a baby into the gym in a carseat or stroller (and later a playpen) I have no idea where I would put it without taking up training space. It’s tough. I can’t find any boxes that have childcare in my area.

    • I know that at one box where I used to train, people would occasionally bring their little ones, who would (age dependent) either be strapped into a car seat, suspended from a doorway in a Jolly Jumper, or quietly playing in the corner. But the facility was large and space wasn’t a problem. I could definitely see this being a safety issue in a smaller space, with people dropping weights, throwing med balls, etc.

  2. You need a crossfit mama training partner! Wouldn’t that be lovely, you could trade off babysitting while eachother works out.

    • That would be awesome! 🙂 I will have to start putting the feelers out and see if there’s anyone in town who’s in a similar situation.

  3. Some of your CF buddies might have older tweener/teen kids who could watch the minis if there is an opportunity to make a few bucks. My box has a kids corner with half walls to keep everyone safe!

  4. I wish I would have found your blog earlier! I used to do crossfit but stopped when I became pregnant and now I cant wait to get back into it after the baby is born. I look forward to hopefully continuing some crossfit activities when and if I become pregnant again. Thanks again for your blog, it is inspiring!

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