First, some exciting news: One of my recent posts has just been featured on the For Two Fitness blog. Even though you may have already read my post, the blog itself is well worth checking out, as it showcases contributions from numerous different pregnancy and fitness bloggers. The company, For Two Fitness, also makes some adorable and functional maternity workout clothes.

Thirty-six weeks. By the end of this week, the baby will be considered full-term, and could be born anytime in the following five weeks. He is approximately six pounds by now, and is gaining half a pound each week. I have gained a healthy 22.5 pounds thus far, and am told my weight gain will slow down or even reverse over the last few weeks of the pregnancy, though, with the amount of food I’ve been consuming, I actually think that’s a highly unlikely proposition! 🙂

The baby moves and hiccups a lot lately. Sometimes I feel like there’s a little alien trying to burst forth from my belly button (which, incidentally, is now definitely an “outie”). He is reportedly still head-down, on my left side now, with his bum under my ribs and his feet on the right. I’m lucky that he’s decided not to wedge his fidgety feet under my ribs… at least for the time being.

The nursery painting project is still in progress (sigh), but will supposedly be finished by tomorrow evening, and then we can spend Sunday doing the last remaining shopping, assembling furniture and basically putting the whole thing together. Still no sign of our backordered car seat, but the store now has one on hold for us in a different colour. At this point, we can’t afford to be picky on such trivial matters as colour; we need the seat.

This is a brief post, as I’m off for what will likely be my last pre-baby sailing trip, but I’ve got a couple of interesting and controversial topics lined up for next week, so stay tuned.

36 Weeks

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