Our last “pre-baby” sailing trip

Well, we’ve finally hit the big milestone of full term! And the waiting begins…

Barring medical necessity, the hospitals in Vancouver will not induce before 42 and a half weeks, so there’s actually a pretty huge window during which the baby could arrive. He was confirmed today via ultrasound to be in “launch” position: head down, anterior and on the lefthand side. To my great relief, I have tested negative for Group B Strep colonization, so we don’t have any difficult decisions to make with regard to the use of antibiotics during labour.

I am still feeling fantastic, albeit rather tired in the afternoons, and am not in the least bit hot, uncomfortable, swollen or in pain. I definitely haven’t hit the “get this thing out of me already” phase, which is good, as I may have as long as five more weeks to wait. While I haven’t made any conscious or deliberate decisions with regard to physical activity, it seems that I may be finished with working out until after the pregnancy. It’s difficult to explain, but even though I feel strong and healthy and quite confident that I’m capable of doing most of my usual activities, I just haven’t felt up to working out in the past couple of weeks. Maybe it’s the afternoon tiredness? But who knows, things might change — or they might not. In the meantime, I try to do lots of walking, so I’m not completely inactive.

We are mostly ready for the baby to arrive. The nursery is painted, the clothes are washed and put away, most of the furniture is purchased and assembled (we’re still waiting for the rocking chair to show up, but that’s not a huge deal), and we managed to get the car seat last weekend, albeit in a different colour than we’d wanted  (we really couldn’t afford to be picky about colour this late in the game!). I will post some nursery photos once we have the rocking chair and the wall art in place. J has been diligently cooking away his evenings, and we currently have more than a dozen meals stashed in the freezer, with more to come.

The baby’s hospital bag is packed and mine is… well, I have a bag and it has some things in it. It still needs work. J is a guy; he doesn’t pack bags in advance. There are also a handful of small baby items remaining to be purchased (nothing really critical), so we’ll try to take care of that this week.

Tomorrow we have our first meeting with our birth doula, and hopefully that goes well, since we’ll be really hard-pressed to find someone else at this point.

Other than that, we have been trying to relax and enjoy our last few weeks of “just the two of us.” We had a lovely sailing trip last weekend, and are catching up on sleep this weekend. And now we wait… 🙂

5 responses to “37 WEEKS = FULL TERM!

  1. Is that your sailboat? CUTE photo! You both look so happy! Carl sails, too, and just spent a week sailing in the San Juans last month.

    Hurray for baby being in launch position!

  2. Well, technically it’s J’s boat; I can’t take any credit for it 😉

    The San Juans are so beautiful! We haven’t had a chance to do any longer trips in the past couple of summers, so it’s been mostly local sailing (within 3-4 hours) for us, but hopefully that will change after the baby is born. Do you sail as well?

  3. I’m not so much into sailing myself and can’t take any credit for our sailboat either. Carl is excited to teach the baby to sail when she is old enough. We’re tentatively planning to lease a bigger sailboat (ours is a San Juan 23) with some friends and do a short cruise in the San Juans next summer!

    • That’ll be really nice! From what I’ve heard, sailing with babies is pretty easy (haha, I just might eat my words come this fall when we head out for our first trips with the baby — we’ll see); it’s when they’re mobile that things get a little trickier. But supposedly they just end up sleeping most of the time due to the motion.

  4. My last Grouse Grind was exactly one month before Henry arrived. I remember hiking up and having a moment where I just knew it was the last one. I was getting large and my balance was slipping a bit. In the weeks before he arrived I think I went to one or two bootcamp classes and did a lot of walking. A week before he arrived I walked the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot. Lots of pelvic discomfort as he was in the “locked” position by then.

    Enjoy these last few weeks or days just the two of you. You look so happy on that boat!

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