A couple of months ago I was interviewed for an article in Impact Magazine, an independent fitness and sport magazine (read: actually informative and doesn’t have ads for Mutant Mass) based out of Western Canada. It’s a great publication, jam-packed with truly useful information and inspiring articles about real athletes, rather than meaningless “Top 10” lists and airbrushed photos of models. If you live in Alberta or BC, you can find it at many gyms and fitness stores. Although the article is a re-cap of my story of doing the Spartan Sprint, I thought it would be fun to share here.

Impact Magazine – July/August 2011

Photo by Jeremy Hoey

Photo by Emiliano Mora (Moraction Photography)


  1. Hi Carli,
    Tyler and I were in the prenatal classes with you and your partner. I was talking to my friend, Pete Kendrick, the other night and you came up in our conversation, he forwarded me your blog!!! Wow – I am super impressed with your website, so much valuable information. If I remember correctly we both are due in early August.
    Sounds like you are doing really well,
    I enjoyed reading your posts and feeling so many of the same things that you are.
    I have really enjoyed receiving the e-mails from our classmates when they have had their babies.
    So looking forward to seeing everyone again at your place in September with our new family members.
    Sarah Regan

    • Hi Sarah,

      Great to hear from you!! I hope everything is going well for you, and that you’re enjoying the last few weeks of your pregnancy… we’re getting so close now 🙂

      Our due date (for whatever it’s worth) is August 5th, and I think you’re either one day before or after us? There has been quite the lull in babies being born after those first few in late June, but I imagine we’ll start hearing some exciting news again soon.

      Best of luck with your birth, and we’ll look forward to seeing you in September 🙂

  2. My husband picked up this magazine for me on a whim the other day. What a great article! And you’re such an inspiration. I have two kids and during those pregnancies sort of gave up on exercise even though I’m a very fit person. I know that with my next I will continue running and exercising for as long as possible. Seeing someone like you doing what you do convinces me I can do it, too.

  3. Hi Carli,

    I read the Impact magasine by chance, being in Penticton for the Ironman Canada that my husband is about to do tomorrow!!!
    I laughed soooo hard when I saw your picture at the Spartan race…I have about the exact same at…20 weeks pregnant! I did mine in July in Ottawa, kinda got trapped into doing that race by coworkers…that didn’t know I was pregnant at the time of registration (nor at the time of the race!!!!).
    I have to admit that though being happy about the news, I have been in denial for the first 22 weeks…thinking that if I didn’t show (and really it was easy to hide), well I could just go on doing what I loved…training. I am into running, triathlon and kickboxing mostly…and I just did not want to hear what people had to say about cutting down on the training…thinking I should just lie on a sofa and eat until delivery!
    It felt so good to read your blog, I definitely left the heart monitor at home and went with perceived exertion and how I felt. I love the research that you did and your view on things in general.
    I ran the Boston marathon (my dream come true) at 8 weeks, a 32k trail race at 15, 2 City Chases at 16 and 19 weeks and the Spartan Race at 20.
    Now, at 28, I have slowed down, not running more than an hour or 10k.
    I did do the 5k fun run last night and cheered on and I have 2 more 5 k races in September. I wear this running belt that gives me support and less pressure on the bladder.
    Being an athlete and pregnant has not been easy for me…especially watching my husband train and compete at such a high level…it’s hard to imagine that only a year ago, I was finishing my first Ironman in 14 hours.
    I have decided to embrace pregnancy more, there is no other way really…either you’re a whiner or a winner. I have been in both categories:) Exercising makes me feel better in my body (and that’s been hard lately) and in a better mood (my hubby can assess that!).
    Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy and lots of joy in your family.
    Good luck for the ‘getting in shape ‘ part and I will continue to follow your blog…and keep active:)


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