38 weeks… wow! I’m still feeling pretty darn good, and I suppose we’re about as ready as we’re ever going to be, except for a little more tidying and organizing to be done in the apartment (no, this is not nesting; these are just my usual cleaning and organizing compulsions, with perhaps a slightly increased sense of urgency due to pending but unknown deadlines :)). We’ve met with our doula and given her a detailed idea of how we hope the birth experience will unfold, including our preferences for the immediate post-birth period, so hopefully she can help to ensure that nothing happens without our explicit and informed consent. Thanks to J’s marathon cooking sessions, we now have at least two dozen delicious, hearty Paleo meals in the freezer!

Last weekend we had another growth scan (ultrasound), and the baby was right on target, with an estimated size of 6.5 pounds at 37 weeks. There has been no indication that labour is imminent, so the midwife advised me to take evening primrose oil and start drinking a uterine tonic tea that looks (and tastes) a lot like dried lawn clippings. I don’t know whether oils and teas will really help to speed things up, but I figure they’re harmless at worst, and worth a try.

As far as exercise goes, I’ve basically scaled down to walking only, which has been surprisingly tiring. After an hour or two of running errands on foot or wandering along the seawall, I’m usually quite ready to head home for my now routine afternoon nap.

38 Weeks

The nursery is pretty much finished. We’re just waiting on some wall decals and curtains, but he won’t be spending the night in there for at least a couple of months, so it works as is for the time being. (You can click on the photos to enlarge them to full size)

The nursery – mostly finished 🙂

I love the brown wall. Wish we’d done the whole room in that colour…

A bit of the view.

Lots of cars, trucks, buses, boats and sea planes to keep him amused!

I’ve ordered some cute hippo decals to stick on the wall above the dresser. Note the kid carrier on the right – as soon as he can hold his head up properly, we’ll be doing lots of hiking and snowshoeing 🙂

Earlier today we headed up to Lynn Canyon for a walk through the forest and a dip in the creek. I think this is the first truly hot day we’ve had all summer, and the place was absolutely packed as a result. But it’s a beautiful spot — complete with cliffs, a waterfall and crystal clear glacier water — and I can’t wait to share it with our son next summer.

Glacial runoff is absolutely FREEZING!! This was my reaction after running into water up to my shoulders.

I had about 30 seconds worth of tolerance for the cold water, and then I needed to come out to warm up.

I guess I’ll never be too pregnant to climb on things!

14 responses to “38 WEEKS (AND NURSERY PHOTOS)

  1. I love the nursery – it’s adorable!

    How have you managed to avoid pregnancy stretch marks? Was it diet and exercise only, or did you take extra precautions?

    • I would guess that the diet and exercise helped, as my weight gain (and belly growth) was very slow and steady throughout the pregnancy, which probably gave my skin more opportunity to adapt. That said, I understand that some women are simply more predisposed to stretch marks than others (based on skin collagen levels), so I could have just been lucky. Or perhaps the nutrient-dense Paleo diet helps the body produce more collagen? It’s always tough to know. I definitely didn’t use any particular lotions or supplements, other than my usual post-shower moisturizer.

  2. It’s great to see that everything is falling into place.
    You are so fortunate to have a partner like J to do all that meal prep!!

    • Especially because he’s not only willing to do all that cooking, but is very talented in the kitchen as well! 🙂

  3. We didn’t even bother with a crib, though if we had, I suspect it would have been a place to store things more than a place for the wee one to sleep! I always admire the mommies who can convince their kids to sleep in them! 🙂 Ours was not to be convinced. Besides, the all night nursing routine would have required that I move my bed next to the crib or the baby next to us. Learning the art of side-lying nursing is a handy skill–however, it’s one that tends to make the baby like your bed more than theirs–for months or, in our case, years :-).

    It has been nice to follow your pregnancy on your blog. Can you believe that within a month (likely, at the latest) you’ll be meeting your wee one?! Hooray for having meals stocked and prepared! It will certainly make life easier. I didn’t nest too much in other areas of our house, but I stock-piled food like a squirrel preparing for winter. It was definitely advantageous to have soup stocks and broth on hand to make other foods more quickly. Thinking of foods you can eat with one hand are good too, especially in the early weeks when wee ones often (but not always) want to nurse all day it seems. Hooray!

    • We are hoping to start doing some (gentle) sleep training by 3 months, as J really doesn’t function well when he’s sleep deprived, so I think the long term benefit of having two well-rested, happy parents (and hopefully a well-rested kid) will outweigh the short term adjustment period. At least theoretically. Of course our reality may end up being very different depending on his temperament and feeding habits 🙂

      • It’s totally good to think about it now (while you’re awake!) and get recommendations from friends on good sleep training books that have worked well. Elizabeth Pantley is a good sleep author (I read a bit of it and took a few ideas, but I tried reading it in the first three months when I was hardly awake, so I don’t remember much of it), and the methods in “Happiest Baby on the Block” seemed to save us a few times. I can’t think of any parents who function well in a totally sleep-deprived state. Somehow everyone seems to make it through the first year. Unfortunately, it’s never quite what we expect. I can’t say I am entirely ready for the every-three-hour feedings quite yet. It sounds so nice and tidy on paper, but dealing with a real living being is so totally at odds from what we read, unfortunately! Why don’t *our* babies come with manuals? It could start with things like “I sleep best when I am: a. swaddled (or not swaddled), b. bounced for an hour (or not at all), c. sung to (noise makes me grouchy), d. bathed, nursed and then rocked (or nursed, bathed, rocked, then nursed). Really, it would make our lives a bit simpler. Instead of hearing a cry and having to guess whether or not baby is hungry, wet, upset for some other reason (I dislike frog pajamas), or tired, it would just be nice to have a red light blink for hunger, green for wet, and like yellow for tired.

        • We’ve read The Baby Sleep Solution (Suzy Giordano), which was really, really good, and another book (can’t remember the name) that I abandoned less than halfway through because the author advocated letting the baby cry even if he vomits in his crib, which doesn’t really mesh with my philosophy on being a loving parent. We also read (and watched the DVD of) Happiest Baby on the Block, and I’ve heard great things from friends about those techniques.

          But really, we’re just crossing our fingers and hoping that the baby comes out with J’s and my finest traits, namely, the ability to sleep in until noon and the ability to eat large meals only a couple of times a day. Hahaha… as if! 🙂

  4. The nursery is gorgeous. I really like the brown accent wall. And the view. Can you believe a newborn will get that view from day one?

    If I may say, the crib looks perfect in there. =)

    You know, I’ve only met you once in real life and yet, every few days I think “I wonder if C has had her baby yet.” I have thoroughly enjoyed following along with your blog and pregnancy. It’s been inspiring and I’ve learned quite a bit too. Thank you for sharing here.

    • Thanks, Rachel!

      I thought you might enjoy seeing Henry’s crib and bedding in its new home 🙂

      Even *I* am a little bit jealous of his view! It’s too bad he won’t truly be able to appreciate it at first, but I think that as he becomes more interested in the world around him, it will provide no end of fascinating things to observe.

  5. Times really close now and it is time to slow down alittle and let nature take it course and she will when you least expect it. The nursery is looking really good, I love the view you have. You do have time to finish it since the baby will not sleeping in it for a few months. If you have any baby products needs visit my new web site at [EDITED – no advertising please] for baby items at affordable prices.

  6. I stumbled across this blog doing a search of whether it was ok to do toes to bar while pregnant. I know I’m a complete stranger, but wow, you look amazing! I’m trying to stay fit during my pregnancy by running and doing CrossFit. I am able to work out almost everyday. but it’s a struggle to keep my sweet tooth in check!

    Anyways, I was wondering what kind of abdominal exercises you have continued to do and which ones you may have stopped doing during your pregnancy. Do you still do toes to bar? Thanks in advance and good luck with everything!

    • Hi Jessica,

      I think I gave up toes to bar fairly early on, as they were incredibly difficult to do as soon as I had any sort of belly. Knees to elbows and V-ups went next. I was able to do abdominal roll-outs until the end of the second trimester, and as far as I recall, I was doing regular sit-ups well into the third trimester, until suddenly one day they were too hard (I had literally done more than a hundred in a row the previous week, and then it was an effort to do just a few). I was able to do planks right until the end, though. Basically, I didn’t follow any arbitrary rules, and just did things for as long as they were comfortable.

      Best of luck with your pregnancy! 🙂

  7. Hi Carli –

    I’m a long time reader. A friend introduced me to the blog before I was even pregnant and was just stalking pregnancy blogs well now I have a 7.5 month hold (!) still can’t believe it. I’m wondering what that baby carrier is you have and if you used it/liked it? I also saw you used a Ergo sport. As an active person what’s your option on those to carriers and baby wearing? Pros and cons?

    Congrats on the upcoming arrival 🙂

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