Sorry for the radio silence of late. I honestly don’t have a whole lot to write about right now, as we’re getting down to the last few days, but we don’t exactly have too much excitement going on around here. Mostly I’m just trying to take care of last minute errands and cleaning, spending lots of time relaxing and napping (I’m not sleeping too well at night on account of my microscopic bladder being crushed by the baby), and getting out for walks every day. Yup, that’s my fascinating life, but I’ll enjoy the slow pace while I can 😉

We have a midwife appointment tomorrow, and they’re going to want to do a membrane sweep to speed things along. Last week I declined (it was still two days prior to my due date), and I’m still undecided as to what I will choose to do tomorrow. I feel as if these sorts of procedures yield very mixed results, and that the baby will come on his own if he’s ready to do so. Besides, it’s bound to be at minimum unpleasant, and at worst uncomfortable and even painful.

If the baby doesn’t show up by Monday, I will have to start going into the hospital every two days for a non-stress test and ultrasound. Hopefully we won’t get that far, but if we do, at least we’ll be able to make sure he is still healthy and thriving, and avoid the need for an induction or caesarian based on timelines alone.

6 responses to “NO BABY YET

  1. Anytime one reads, “errands and cleaning” from a woman who is over her due date, something is happening, even if slowly! If you find yourself looking at the toilet with an old toothbrush in your hand, you’ve crossed to the other side. If our already obsessive compulsive need for a clean nest starts to exceed our usually obsessive compulsive need for a clean nest, then perhaps let nature take its course. If you’re maybe not feeling that “Oh dear, our toilets will never be clean enough for the new baby” then perhaps maybe moving things along is good :-). (If you start crying because the toilets will never be clean enough, then surely some hormone somewhere is shifting into gear :-)). Sometimes we can’t see when we cross the line into truly wild-eyed nesters, so be sure to ask your partner. Often they can tell when you go from stocking the freezer over the course of the last few months to last you a few weeks to suddenly deciding you might need 6 months worth of food in the freezer… today. Anyhow, we’re sending good thoughts along that things just start happening in their own good time :-).

  2. Hey! I’ve just read ALL your posts in about 12 hours (stopping to sleep my usual 7 hours). I too eat a paleo diet and do crossfit! I used to live in Vancouver, BC; but now I live in NYC. And, I’m five-weeks-pregnant! So I’m just getting started on my journey… 😉

    I can’t tell you how helpful and encouraging your blog posts have been to me and are going to be as I reread them over the next few weeks and months. So thank you for taking the time to share your experiences and your workouts and your worries and your research. It’s really quite helpful!!

  3. I agree that the baby will come when he’s ready or when he is forced out, no matter what home remedies you try! My only other advice would be that if you end up with interventions like induction, to figure out how to find peace with that sooner rather than later. I was so disappointed with my birth experience that this second time around I was just petrified of birth again. I am getting closer to the end, and I know that while my last birth experience was not what I wanted, my 2 year old is AWESOME. He is smart, funny, fun, and energetic, and no worse for the wear after being forced out through an induction, vacuum thingy, and suffering an epidural. Also, he nursed just fine right away, and his only issue was mild jaundice where we just had to have him sleep by a window. I didn’t appreciate his good health enough at the time because I was so down on myself that I didn’t give birth naturally. My intention is to go natural this time (for real!) but not let a change in plans ruin my birth experience for me. We’ll see! Good luck to you though – being induced is difficult and disappointing, but not the end of the world!

  4. From a mom of 5, and pregnant with my 6th (24 weeks along), let me encourage you. Your baby will come out! I agree with you wholeheartedly about just waiting and letting things come as they should. Only one of mine came close to the due date, the rest were about a week late, with my last being a full 42 weeks. We monitored the baby with the non stress tests and ultra sound and my midwife was okay with letting things happen normally.

    Plus, best wishes for the labor and birth. I’ve managed to do all mine naturally, one at the hospital with midwives and the rest at home. If it gets long, stay in the moment, don’t let fear creep in, and remember that you are fully prepared for this exciting task. You’re an athlete and you know how to dig deeper than you think you can. You may have difficult moments in labor, but the good news is that when you think you can’t go on, you are nearing the end. 🙂

    Thanks so much for your blog. I have found it so helpful and very encouraging, even being a veteran of this pregnancy thing.

    I’m cheering for you!

  5. Pregnancy is one of the first parenting lessons where we learn that we really have no control over another person, especially this little people we grew ourselves! Your wee one likely won’t find it cozy enough to hang out in there until his first birthday–it’s going to get overly cozy after a while. He’ll figure it out. Sending good thoughts along for you today for whatever you decide to do.

    Your blog will need a name update after the baby so that we can read about pregnancy, parenting, crossfit and the paleo diet.

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