41 Weeks!

We have been to the midwife twice this week.

On Wednesday we had our regular weekly appointment. Because I have passed my due date, I had to undergo an internal exam, and the midwife said she could use that as an opportunity to determine whether or not conditions were favourable for a membrane sweep. As it turned out, she felt that the baby was very well positioned and that my cervix was sufficiently soft, so I ended up agreeing to the sweep after all. It was slightly unpleasant, but not as bad as I’d anticipated, and afterwards she reported that I was three centimetres dilated, 70 percent effaced, and that the baby was just about fully engaged. The prognosis was that both the baby and I were ready, and that I would likely go into labour shortly afterwards.

Well the sweep did something, but it didn’t quite put me into labour. Wednesday evening was the first time I really started to feel uncomfortable. I had cramping in my lower stomach, aching in my back, and mild contractions throughout the night. The baby was squirming around for hours on end. Walking was awkward, to say the least, and I dreaded every time I had to roll over and get out of bed to use the washroom. But alas, I awoke yesterday morning feeling great… and still very much pregnant.

Then yesterday evening, I noticed that the baby had really dropped. There was a lot of very uncomfortable pressure in my pelvis, and I thought perhaps things were finally moving along. But again, I woke up this morning feeling perfectly fine. This afternoon we went for another midwife appointment, and she reported that the baby is now fully engaged and that my cervix is softer and even further dilated than it was on Wednesday. I submitted to another sweep, and now we’re just crossing our fingers that he decides to come out before Monday’s non-stress test and ultrasound (which, due to hospital timings, basically takes all afternoon). If he’s not born this weekend, next week will involve a whole slew of time-consuming appointments and tests — blood work, three non-stress tests, three ultrasounds, at least one midwife appointment and a consult with the hospital obstetrician. Ugh. I think I’d much rather have my days consumed by caring for the baby.

In other news, I had my platelets re-tested yesterday, and they’ve actually risen to 108,000! Following my August 1st post about low platelet count, they had dropped quite precipitously from 110,000 to 99,000 in just over a week’s time. Obviously, this was a slightly disconcerting turn of events, but my most recent results take me out of the midwife’s “danger zone.” Nonetheless, I have decided to proceed with the oxytocin shot post delivery, just to be on the safe side (and to avoid the dreaded painful “abdominal massage” that is often used along with oxytocin to stop post-partum hemorrhaging). I’m still on the fence about the IV saline lock.

We’re hoping that this weekend will bring some exciting news 🙂

I think I’m kind of going to miss this belly after the baby is born 😦


  1. I’ll miss your belly updates 🙂 I hope you are as comfortable as can be this weekend and I’m sending you positive vibes.

  2. Hey,

    This is Sarah from your pre-natal class again. I am also still waiting, 9 days overdue today. Sounds like things are moving along well for you, I am sending you my good thoughts for a wonderful birth, this weekend, me toooooo!!!!!! Things really do pick up the pace next week with appointments and hospital visits, so it would be so great to have our babies now!
    No matter what, it won’t be too much longer……….

  3. I’m on a bit of a digital sabbatical but checking in on your blog is my one exception. I actually just sat down and said to my sister (visiting from Vancouver), oh, I need to check and see if C had her baby. Her reply, I checked her blog a few hours ago and no news. You have a lot of followers!

    Hope you are holding a healthy baby boy in your arms as I write this. If not, any day now =)

  4. Yep, same as Rachel above, I keep checking occasionally to see if he’s here yet :-). For some reason, lots of my favorite bloggers are having babies this month. The mom at Spunky Coconut just had a baby girl, SouleMama just had a girl (her 5th child!), Ali at Whole Life Nutrition is due to have her baby soon and there are even a few others. Babies seem to come in waves around certain groups. At any rate, August seems to be a popular month for the arrival of wee ones. I’m only half-way right now and January seems like miles away–though it’s going to certainly start flying by once the holidays start up!

    I hope all is going well!

  5. Hi Carli, Hope you don’t mind a guy telling you that you have one AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL pregnant belly!!!!! I must confess that I would have LOVED to have seen more photos of your belly including some close-up frontal shots.I say that because I LOVE outie pregnancy bellybuttons and I’m betting that the one you had was REALLY NICE!!!!!

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