My fitness challenge, to date, has been a bust; our Paleo eating, equally so. Six straight weeks of family visits and travel can kibosh even the best laid plans.

In the early weeks, I really tried to squeeze my workouts in, but my goals were  — as some kind readers pointed out — perhaps a tad unrealistic. Not from a physical standpoint, mind you (I was able to comfortably do everything except running from about two weeks post-partum), but from a scheduling standpoint.

In mid-September, J and I thought we had it all figured out. J would call me about half an hour prior to leaving work. I would feed and change Oliver and have him ready to hand off to J as soon as J walked in the door so that I could go and work out. This was an effective strategy for about a week. Then J got suddenly busier at work and started coming home later, so the addition of a workout to our evening routine meant we didn’t sit down to dinner until 10:00 PM. Then the days became shorter and the weather less pleasant. Then the sheer exhaustion of new parenthood settled in, and after seemingly endless days of feeding, soothing, cleaning and laundry, I simply couldn’t be bothered to expend the physical effort.

Our eating fell off the rails with all of the family visits. Vancouver is a foodie city, and in my opinion, there is no better way to entertain guests than to introduce them to all our favourite restaurants. So we ate out. A lot. And eating out generally means that Paleo goes out the window. No matter how dedicated I want to be, I believe it is unconscionable to spend good money in a fine dining establishment without truly enjoying the chef’s creations :); thus, a meal out at a nice restaurant almost invariably ends up being a cheat meal.

So… moving right along…

We are on our own now. Our visitors are gone and we are not doing any major travelling until mid-December. My days are going more smoothly for the most part, and I’m actually managing to do more than just keep my head above water. Oliver is starting to nap more regularly and for longer stretches, allowing me to clean, do laundry and run errands with little difficulty. It’s time to get serious about my goals.

My weight is back to normal (pre-pregnancy weight) and I can fit into the majority of my regular clothes, but my body is still quite soft, for lack of a better word. We have eight weeks until our Antigua trip. In other words, eight weeks until this body has to be on a beach in a bikini!

We are back on the Paleo bandwagon (Paleo plus some dairy, for me) and cutting back on dining out, which means cheat meals will be few and far between. I am still trying to figure out the best way to incorporate more serious physical training into my schedule. There is a part of me that wants to sign up for a mom and baby bootcamp class just to force me to do something on a regular basis, but the truth is, I miss having an activity where I just focus on me, minus the multitude of distractions that a baby brings. I feel like serious gym time would provide me with a much needed mental break, in addition to filling a physical need. In the meantime, I’ve been going out for long (two to three hour) walks with the stroller almost every day, and while this doesn’t come close to the intensity of CrossFit, it is better than doing nothing and it certainly improves morale.

And on a totally unrelated note, here’s a cute video I made of Oliver laughing. He’s actually quite a smiley little guy… that is, when he’s not eating, sleeping, soiling himself or fussing! 😉

8 responses to “CONFESSIONS

  1. You know, I think I came into being in the best shape of my adult life when my daughter was about 2-2.5. Being “soft” after having a baby is fine for a time. I stopped swinging around kettle bells at around 20 weeks this pregnancy and at 28 weeks, I am mostly down to walking, but I still feel strong. Your fit body is not gone for good. Walking is great–and that you’re getting in such long walks is fantastic! Be happy in your bikini no matter what stage of fitness you make it to in 8 weeks–you just brought a new human into the world and your body is amazing. 🙂 It’s a nice goal though and exercise is beneficial for all aspects of one’s well being.

    Likewise, dietary phases come and go in life. I was vegetarian for many, many years, not for many years before that (as a child), and then I started eating paleo foods. My diet is still not strict paleo, but as time goes on, I’ve certainly learned which foods agree with me and help me feel good and strong, and which ones do not. Your “confessions” are really something like, “I’m human.” A human female that has just given birth to a new human. Yeah, it doesn’t get more amazing than that!

    Your stories are very inspiring to me and I love checking in every once in a while to re-read the pregnancy posts. On days when I feel like a boat, it’s good to be inspired to go exercise since I do (for a while, at least) have the time.

  2. I’ve been following your blog for many months now. I have a 4 week old so I get prepared for what fun is to come by reading your posts. Im also a crossfitter but I had an emergency c-section after 20 hours of labor so no cf for me for a few more weeks. But, as you and I now know, not much time for it in the first few weeks anyway! I’m still amazed how much of the day (like 99%) is taken up by nursing, changing, holding, and basically baby related. We are doing attachment parenting so he’s always in our (my) arms or lying next to me. It’s nice to read your posts and know Im not alone! But I wouldn’t give these moments up for anything. And I miss him when I’m even a few feet away from him anyway. So even though no time for CF now, the payoff is, our kids are going to be independent and strong 😉

    But I sure miss taking showers that last more than 3 minutes!

    Loved the video!

    • It’s a pretty crazy ride, isn’t it? I was a little overwhelmed in the first few weeks — and even sometimes now we have our rough days — but on the whole, it definitely gets easier with each passing week.

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