Out for a stroll on a fall day.

Although milk is not technically Paleo, I have been allowing myself to have whole milk lattes (unsweetened) when I’m out walking with Oliver — partly because I need a moderate caffeine injection from time to time, partly because it’s an easy, high-calorie snack, and partly because it’s just relaxing (even indulgent) to sit down in a comfy coffee shop chair and enjoy a warm drink while Oliver sleeps in his stroller. As author Dr. David Kessler points out in his book, The end of overeating (great book, by the way!), it’s like a warm bottle for adults. 🙂

For as long as I can remember, I have always had some difficulty digesting milk, but I find that drinking high quality whole milk doesn’t seem to cause the same problems that I experience with lower fat or lower quality milks. If a coffee shop doesn’t happen to have whole milk — or if they haven’t properly heard my order — I usually suffer for it later, but I haven’t noticed any adverse effects from lattes made from whole milk. It does stand to reason, though, that if I am sensitive to some types of dairy, Oliver might be as well.

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve been going for hours-long daily walks around the neighbourhood, and have thus been having lattes nearly every day. We have also noticed that Oliver has been increasingly fussy and gassy. I understand that this is correlation, not causation, and that babies go through various fussy stages that last anywhere from days to months (months??!). Regardless, I’ve heard from several moms at my baby groups that their babies have been a lot less fussy when they cut milk (and/or wheat) out of their diets, so I figured I have nothing to lose by experimenting.

Today was day three of being latte-free. I’d be lying if I said we haven’t noticed a difference in Oliver’s disposition over the past couple of days, but then again, there could be many other factors at play here. I will continue to avoid the lattes for at least a couple of weeks, and then maybe have one again just to see what happens. If it turns out that he’s a happier and more comfortable baby for me cutting milk from my diet, then I will make that a permanent change — at least while he’s still breastfeeding.

I do miss my lattes, but in the meantime it sure doesn’t hurt to save $4.50 a day 🙂

11 responses to “NO MORE LATTES… FOR NOW

  1. When considering re-introduction you might try dairy and caffeine on separate days since it could be only one or the other (no need to give them both up if it’s only one!). Likewise, as a child’s digestive system matures, he/she is generally able to tolerate more foods that mom eats, so even if it is problematic now, it might not be three months down the road (unless it’s a true allergy/intolerance).

    Your long walks sound so lovely! What a great way to have bonding time and get some much needed exercise :-).

    • That’s a good point — it may be the caffeine, not the milk.

      I really do enjoy our daily walks 🙂 One of the advantages of living downtown is that there are tons of interesting people and things to see along the way – it never gets boring.

  2. I second the suggestion for an Americano. You might also try heavy whipping cream in your drink. I have a hard time digesting milk, but have no problems with heavy cream.

  3. On the saving $4.50 note: I’ve been really loving my new Aeropress – it makes espresso, and then you add hot water to fill the cup if you want coffee, or hot milk for the latte. Just use whatever regular ground coffee beans (or decaf) you have at home! I have been enjoying a daily latte too! But it actually does make plain ol’ coffee much better too – the brew is much less bitter. (disclaimer: I am NOT affiliated with Aeropress! Just really like my coffee maker!)

    Good luck figuring out whether the dairy affects him or not. I have not figured out how a mother’s diet would directly affect her milk. But, as you’ve said, many moms report that it does affect their baby. Anything to have a happier baby is worth a try!

    • I am a little bit skeptical as well, but then again, people who have severe gluten allergies can have problems with milk from grain-fed cows because the lectins come through the milk, so I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch that molecules from certain foods would be in a mother’s breast milk, and that a baby could be sensitive to certain foods.

      We have definitely noticed that Oliver hasn’t had any crippling gas (the kind where he doubles over and turns red) for several days now. That could just be a coincidental maturing of his digestive system, but maybe not…

  4. I have a baby boy about 1 month younger than your Oliver. A few weeks ago I was indulging in a very small amount of organic eggnog each morning. ‘Tis the Season and it’s a great way to get some extra calories. However, my boy had a reaction to it almost immediately. He was gassy and fussy, but the biggest indicator was a change in his stool. All of which turned to normal the day after I cut it out. I’m not at all sure how this works, but I know that dairy is not a good idea for this breastfeeding mom. Good luck in your quest for a latte substitute. I’ll just have to wait until next year’s Holiday Season to enjoy my nog. 🙂

    • Interesting… I have heard from several mothers in my mom and baby classes that their babies are affected by dairy and/or wheat. I’m curious — what was the change you noticed in his stool?

  5. My 5 month old has kept me dairy free for three months now. I know I feel better without dairy but have just always dealt with it. But when it is the difference between a happy better sleeping baby and a gassy up every 30 minutes baby, I am much more compliant:-)

    Try an almond milk latte. At first I didn’t really like the flavor but after trying multiple brand we have settled on Almond Breeze unsweetened vanilla. It gives me that creamy latte taste without the grumpy baby and belly. Request it from your local coffee shop or see if you can bring in your own. I’m blessed cause my husband makes mine for me almost every morning.

    • I’m sort of the same way: I definitely feel better without the dairy, but I’d always happily deal with a little bit of discomfort for the pleasure of a latte. I’m not, however, willing to put up with sleepless nights. To that end, Oliver has been very good for ensuring compliance 🙂

      I use Almond Breeze at home for smoothies and such, but I have yet to find a place that stocks *unsweetened* almond milk. Maybe once I burn through this bunch of Starbucks gift cards I have, I can try to convince one of the small local shops to keep it on hand for me.

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