This is totally unrelated to pregnancy, CrossFit, Paleo or parenting, but funny nonetheless. I’m sure my fellow bloggers can relate — or perhaps commiserate?

Every now and then, I look through my site statistics to see how it is that people are finding my blog (search terms, links from other sites, etc.), which posts they are viewing, and which of my shared links they are clicking. For the most part, people land on my blog by searching some combination or variation of paleo, crossfit and/or pregnancy. This makes a lot of sense.

But sometimes, people find my blog through slightly less obvious means. Here is a collection of some of the more absurd — and often raunchy — searches that have landed people at

To anyone who has inadvertently found themselves reading this because they searched for one of the terms below: no offence intended, okay? 🙂

The tight stuff
tight clothes
women in tight workout clothes
women in tight gym pants
tight tna pants
tight gym pants
women in running tights
mom in tight clothes
my pants are too tight
38 weeks tight
tight pregnant bellies
love tights
too tight yoga pants

Bend over please
15 weeks pregnant belly bent over
woman bending over

Bottom dwellers
bruised woman’s ass
women’s butt in workout pants
nice ass in dress pants

Babies can do CrossFit?
baby crossfit clothes
crossfit baby clothes
baby crossfit gear
crossfit baby apparel

Not that I’m judging anyone’s fetishes, but…
pregnant lady exercising with socks on
30 weeks bathing
hippie pregnant

crossfit and hemorrhoids
fish oil enriched ice cream

Randoms and non-sequiturs
spartan boy taken away
the pretty wear stethoscope
baby in womb jump rope umbilical cord

In the meantime, I’m still trying to find a Google image for baby in womb jump rope umbilical cord… 🙂


  1. Fish oil enriched ice cream? Where’s the post for that? 🙂 That’s a great list.

    One slightly disturbing-to-me thing about our photo website is that one of the best pictures I have of my wee one when she was little happened to be a “happy naked girl” picture. That folder has more hits on it than any of the others by a significant margin. I suspect some of those were not really looking for a naked baby, as in a 2-3 month old wee one. Hmm.

    It’s kind of funny that you can find the terms that led to your site!

  2. That’s rather creepy!

    As for the fish oil enriched ice cream, not sure how that led someone to my blog. I most certainly have never consumed, nor blogged about, such a thing 🙂

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