The next carnival will take place on: Friday, May 4th.

The topic will be: Confessions of a less than perfect parent (or parent-to-be)

It’s easy to be a “perfect” parent in the world of the internet, where we can select and edit everything we post; but we all have our deep, dark secrets. Maybe you surf the web on your iPhone while breastfeeding, instead of staring lovingly into your baby’s eyes (*ahem* guilty). Maybe you plunk your infant in front Treehouse while you sip your morning coffee. Maybe your Paleo diet during pregnancy included a pint-a-day Ben and Jerry’s habit. Maybe you lied to your OB or midwife about what it was you were really doing at the gym (“just some light weights and cardio… honest”). You get the picture.

It’s time to make moms and dads all over the internet feel better about themselves: tell us how you are a less-than-perfect parent. Share one confession, or share many. Feel free to justify your sins… or leave them unexplained for all the world to judge! 🙂

Please forward all submissions to: carli (at) onefitmom (dot) ca

The deadline for submissions is: 23:59 PDT Friday, April 27th.

Click here for full details.

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