I ran last night.

I didn’t make it to the gym in the morning, but I ran in the evening.

Now here is where I totally backtrack on last Thursday’s supposed conclusions :). The more I think about my early morning workout aspirations, the less I like the idea, and the more I realize that I simply have to find a way to make evening workouts work for me and my family. I love working out in the evening; I really do. It’s when I’m at my finest. It’s a satisfying way to end my day, and it helps me sleep soundly at night.

Although I won’t be able to train five evenings per week due to my part-time work commitments, I should be able to manage four evenings throughout the summer months, and three thereafter. By the time fall rolls around, I expect Oliver to be in daycare long enough that I can get to the gym mid-day on Thursdays and Fridays, to compensate for any evenings I miss.

Yesterday evening started out as a bit of a jumble, since J came home from work later than expected and the steaks I had taken out of the freezer to thaw were still half frozen. So we fed Oliver an early supper on his own (tuna, avocado and bananas — yum!), bathed him, and got him off to bed. Then we had our supper. Then I did some laundry and tidying, sold some surplus baby stuff on Craigslist, and ran out to track down a few copies of this Vancouver Sun article (I’m in it!) while I digested my steak and salad.

Finally, I strapped on my FiveFingers KomodoSport shoes, grabbed my Gymboss timer (yes, those are shameless sponsored links to my Amazon Store 🙂 ), and was ready for my run.

Those who know me well know that I am notorious for throwing myself back into workouts with such vigour that I render myself essentially immobile for days afterwards. I knew that if I was going to be able maintain any consistency with my new training routine, I’d have to start with something a little bit less punishing. Something that wouldn’t aggravate my IT band, which had been bothering me in Hawaii (this is what happens when you combine a diet high in junk food, being generally de-conditioned, and wearing flip-flops). Something that would leave me sore, but not too sore to go back for more.

I settled on eight sets of run/walk intervals: two minutes of running followed by one minute of brisk walking. I managed to keep my IT band pain-free, which bodes extremely well for continued training. From a cardio standpoint, the run was too easy, but muscles need to be re-conditioned more slowly. This morning I am stiff — but not so sore as to be unable to do something again this evening.

In all of these months, I’d almost forgotten the sheer exhilaration of running the seawall on a quiet spring evening; the air an intoxicating blend of ocean, cherry blossoms, tulips and freshly-cut grass. I love the feeling of running in the cool night breeze, with the daytime hordes gone away and only a smattering of hand-holding couples walking the seaside path.

So I didn’t make it to the gym. But I ran. And it was amazing.

I’m still not sure how gym classes are going to factor into this new scheduling revelation, but we will make it work somehow.

2 responses to “STARTING SLOWLY

  1. Good on you! for:
    a) being disciplined and limiting your intensity on the first day back (not easy, I agree!), and
    b) realizing that morning workouts are for crazy folk 🙂 especially in the summer months!! Absolutely nothing beats Vancouver evenings for workouts 🙂

    The only real sacrifice this has entailed for our family is that dinner is rarely eaten together. I agree this is a biggie, but I figure at least for now, it won’t be too damaging to J’s eating habits / relationship to food. That kid will eat anything still – here’s hoping that continues!

    • That would be kind of a deal-breaker for us, not because I think we’re going to mess Oliver up if he doesn’t eat with us (we’ll mess him up somehow, but it won’t be that ;)), but because we both feel really strongly about family dinners. Even before Oliver came along, it was a very, very rare occasion that we wouldn’t sit down to dinner together. It’s so hard to cram everything in when you’re dealing with baby/kid schedules, early bedtimes, etc.!

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