Well, I finally made it back into the gym on Friday, by way of a personal training session.

It almost didn’t happen. After I booked the appointment (to coincide with Oliver’s morning at daycare), I realized that the daycare was going to be closed on Friday for professional development. I would have had to reschedule for next Thursday, but fortunately, J came to the rescue by foregoing the first couple of hours of his workday to stay home with Oliver.

I have six personal training sessions, which I am using to ease myself back into CrossFit. Mainly, I want to work on my lifting technique, to ensure that I have not fallen into any bad habits on account of several months of pregnancy lifting (big belly, shifting centre of gravity, etc.) followed by a long break.

On Friday, we worked on cleans. I was put through various drills to work on generating power from the hip and keeping the bar close to my body. My coach took at least half a dozen videos, which we analyzed frame-by-frame to find even the smallest flaws in my technique.

Although I never did an actual workout, and although the weights I worked with were extremely light (never exceeding 65 pounds), I am sore. Pathetic. But at least I am sore in all the right places, and equally sore on both sides, which means I was doing something right. My homework for the week is to practice cleans at super-slow speed, using a dowel, to reinforce the correct movement patterns.

It felt great to be back in an actual gym, and to have an uninterrupted hour in which to focus 100 percent on me — and on something about which I am very passionate. And as if that wasn’t enough, I arrived back home to a napping baby, vacuumed floors and the cloth diaper laundry finished! Sorry ladies, he’s taken ;).

The sequel takes place on Thursday. I can hardly wait!

6 responses to “BACK TO THE GYM!

  1. What a great idea!! Personal training sessions! I’ve been wondering how to get back into it safely. I like to dive right in and that probably isn’t best in our unique situation of being post-partum. My idea was to workout light for a few weeks and then do a CrossFit Total and an Olympic Total to get a sense of where I’m at…

    • The PT sessions are forcing me to drill down into the nitty-gritty of my technique, which will be important to my long-term success (and to training injury-free). They are also providing a very expensive incentive to make sure I get to the gym when I’m supposed to, and that doesn’t hurt either ;).

    • G, I splurged on personal training sessions too and they are so worth it! I never would have gotten back to the gym or worked out this hard without them…

  2. Congrats on the new baby! I know you’re probably (definitely) insanely busy with the boys but i’m going to write in hopes that you’ll receive it and respond if you have the time! We welcomed our first little one at the end of February and you were a great source of inspiration throughout my pregnancy! I was still deadlifting 185 at 40 weeks and am slowly easing back into my powerlifting routine.

    I’m wondering if you have any experience/research on diastasis recti. I was left with a large separation that is still there (only at the belly button). I don’t want to make it worse, but want to do exercises that will bring it back together especially because I’m hoping to be pregnant again fairly soon and definitely don’t want to do pregnancy with diastasis recti. Any suggestions on exercises to correct it? Or what lifting is safe to do while healing?


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