A typical family dinner: Roasted chicken legs and steamed vegetables topped with grass-fed butter.

The chicken has been removed from the bone and shredded into bite-sized pieces for safe and easy self-feeding. The veggies have been steamed until soft (the carrots are placed in the steamer basket first, because they take the longest to cook). Oliver eats an entire chicken leg himself!

Steamed carrots are always popular.

The aftermath. He ate the vast majority of what was served to him.

2 responses to “OLIVER’S EATS

  1. How do you cook your chicken? Any spices, etc? I’m always looking for tips, as I have difficulty enjoying chicken…

    • We almost always cook legs or thighs instead of breast meat, because it’s a lot more flavourful and also more forgiving (very difficult to dry it out, even if overcooked). I just brush it with a generous amount of olive oil and then sprinkle sea salt plus whatever pre-made spice blend we have on hand. Usually the Mrs. Dash or McCormack Italian blends work well for this.

      Bake at 350-375 for about 45 min and you’ll have perfectly cooked chicken with nice, crispy, salty skin. If you’re in a hurry, it will cook in about 30 min at a higher temp (390-ish), and still be quite tasty.

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