Banana bread with coconut cream frosting. It was technically Paleo, although the frosting (made with honey) was definitely a lot sweeter than we’d normally allow.

For the first few minutes, all he did was eat the frosting. Who could blame him? 🙂

Then he took both hands and attempted to shove the entire piece of cake in his mouth at once!

Om nom nom nom…

The incredible disappearing cake.

Almost gone…

That was good, Mama!

And then he had seconds. Hey, it’s his birthday, and he LOVES bananas.

All finished! And off for a sugar honey and banana-fueled present opening session. Happy first birthday, Oliver!

Edit: Here are the links for the banana bread recipe and the coconut cream frosting recipe. For the frosting, I halved the recipe and used honey instead of agave.


  1. How brilliant, he certainly loved his cake! I hope you ALL enjoyed his first birthday, I can’t beleive it has come around so soon…… We sent lots of different messages to Oliver via J’s email address…. please tell me you got them?! Love to you all xx

    • We got everything, including a package in the mail. Thank you for everything! The evening was a little chaotic, so I’m sure you will hear back from J today. xoxo

      P.S. E’s video was absolutely adorable.

      • Oh good! I imagine you had a very busy day, just glad the messages got through on the day! xxxx PS: The cake looks delicious!

  2. Happy Birthday Oliver! My guy is almost exactly 6 months behind you. Looking forward to doing a paleo birthday cake like this in February.

    • I can definitely recommend the cake and frosting recipes we used. It worked out well. The frosting was very sweet, but I spread it quite thin, so he didn’t really have much anyway.

  3. So happy that Oliver enjoyed his first piece of “cake” and you have memorable photos to show him when he asks about his first birthday celebration years from now. LOL Bravo to you for taking the time to bake a “paleo friendly” treat for him! xoxo

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