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Day Two was a day of poop drama.

Oliver woke up with a tiny bit of poo in his overnight diaper, a sure sign that more would soon be on its way. I cooked breakfast while J played with watched Oliver like a hawk.

Once again, we brought the potty out to the dining room during breakfast, and Oliver asked for it (and peed) during the meal. After breakfast, he started to get agitated and to hang around his favourite pooping spot. I cleaned up from breakfast while J sat nearby and kept a close eye on Oliver. Eventually J saw Oliver pause and make a face, so he quickly carried him to the potty. Unfortunately the poop came out just as J was getting Oliver’s pants off, so it didn’t quite make it into the potty… but it was very close.

Next, we went on our second potty training outing: to the YMCA for family playtime. It was a great success, with several pees in the potty at the Y.

Back at home, we served him a quick lunch. He was acting as if he had to poop again. We decided let him run around bottomless, in the hopes that he might be able to get on the potty himself once he felt the urge. On a few occasions he started to make his “poo face” while sitting on the potty, but after an hour of trying, nothing came out. It was nearly an hour past the regular start of nap time by that point, so we put him to bed, resigned to the fact that he would likely poop in his nap diaper.

He woke an hour and a half later and had surprisingly not pooped. We decided to give him some more time to run around bottomless, and then got him dressed so we could go out for a walk and some grocery shopping. While J and Oliver were waiting for me to get ready, Oliver started to pee in his pants. He immediately stopped and indicated to J his need to use the potty. J helped him to the potty, and Oliver finished peeing. We were both thrilled that he was able to realize the feeling of peeing and stop himself so that he could finish in the potty.

We left the house and walked to the grocery store. The plan was for it to be a quick trip, to see if Oliver could go 45 minutes to an hour without using the potty, but I packed the potty seat insert and a change of clothing, just in case. Halfway through our shopping, Oliver ran over to J and said, “Potty.” I quickly whisked him off to the bathroom, and he peed!

Back at home, Oliver and I played while J cooked dinner. I didn’t prompt Oliver to use the potty, and he went to it several times on his own. He didn’t understand that he had to pull his pants down, so I had to run into the bathroom and help him each time. Still no poop. I decided to begin teaching Oliver how to push his pants down by himself, since this is a critical skill for using the potty independently.

During dinner, we once again brought the potty out to the dining room, and Oliver asked to use it midway through the meal. Then he began asking for it repeatedly, and I realized he was just testing out cause and effect, so I told him that he could use the potty again when he was finished eating.

Oliver cried quite a bit when he was put to bed, which is unusual for him. After around 20 minutes I went in to see if he had pooped in his diaper. I asked him, and he responded with an emphatic, “No.” Another 10 minutes later he was still crying, so I went back in and asked again. Again he said he hadn’t, but as I was leaving his room, I heard him say, “Poo-poo.”

“What did you say?” I asked. He repeated, “Poo-poo. Potty.” So of course I pulled him out of his crib, undressed him and took him too the potty, where he sat… and smirked. The little bugger! I gave him five minutes on the potty, and when it was obvious he wasn’t going to go, I re-dressed him and put him back to bed. I told him that he would have to wait to poo-poo in the morning.

No sooner had I left the room, we heard him crying, “Poo-poo. Potty. Poo-poo,” over the baby monitor. I knew this was just a ruse to get me back into his room, so I ignored it and he was asleep in just a few short minutes.

Overall, a very successful second day. He is definitely “getting it,” and there is no way we’re going back to diapers now. Tomorrow we will work on reducing the poo drama by giving him more privacy and freedom.

Next: Potty Training. Days Three and Four.

All About Poop.

All About Poop.

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