Flip diaper cover in "Albert" pattern, with a Flip disposable insert.

Flip diaper cover in “Albert” pattern, with a Flip disposable insert.

After our disappointing experience with gDiapers, I did some online searching and came across the Flip hybrid diapering system. Maybe came across isn’t really the best description, as I’d actually heard of these before. They are made by the same manufacturer as our beloved BumGenius diapers, and as soon as I saw them, I was kicking myself for not remembering about them before I went ahead and spent all that money on gDiapers.

Flip diapers are essentially just the waterproof breathable shell of the BumGenius diaper, with no suedecloth liner/pocket. They come in the same colours and prints, and once on the baby, are virtually indistinguishable from BumGenius diapers.

We have been using Flips for naps and overnight for about two months. They are awesome for so many reasons:

They are amazingly versatile. Flips can be used with natural cotton, bamboo), synthetic (e.g. microfibre) or disposable inserts. They can be used with the manufacturer’s own inserts, or with almost any other style of cloth diaper insert by any other manufacturer. They can be used as a cover over top of a traditional prefold or fitted diaper. You can customize the absorbency by using one insert or several.

One size fits all, from birth to potty training. Yes, they’ll be a little bit bulky on a newborn, but they are designed to fit babies from eight to 35 lbs.

They are available with snap closures. I personally prefer snaps, as they are much more durable, they don’t stick to other fabrics, they don’t pick up lint and hair in the washing machine, and you don’t need to remember to fold down the laundry tabs. Snap closures also have the benefit of being toddler-proof, if you happen to have a “diaper Houdini” on your hands.

They can be machine or hand-washed, and they dry quickly. In my experience, hand-washing isn’t the best for getting the stink out, but it’s a good option if you need a quick turnaround time and don’t have an entire load of laundry to wash. When machine washed, the diapers dry very quickly — even indoors in our humid West Coast climate.

They are economical. Not cheap, mind you, but economical, in that you do not need to have a large number of these to make them work. One shell can be reused several times, providing it hasn’t been soiled with poop. We have three Flip shells, which is an ideal number for nap and overnight diapering. We reuse the nap diaper for overnight, then toss it in the laundry the next morning. Three diapers allows me to throw these in with Oliver’s laundry every second day.

The Flip disposable inserts are made from renewable and non-harmful (to baby or Earth) materials, and are free of scents and dyes. They are also very affordable, when compared with the expensive gDiapers inserts (that cost more than $0.50 each in Canada). It would be great if Flip inserts were also compostable like the gDiapers inserts, but given that we are only using two or three per day, and that we cloth diapered full-time until daytime potty training, I’m not going to let myself feel too guilty about this. [Edit: See the comments section below. Cotton Babies Inc. confirms that these inserts are in fact compostable!]

They are cute. Come on, what cloth diaper review would be complete without mention of the diaper’s cuteness? 🙂 I am especially fond of the “Albert” (as in Einstein) pattern, as shown in the photo above.

I loved everything about our BumGenius diapers, but if I were going to purchase a stash of cloth diapers all over again, I would probably do a 50/50 split of BumGenius and Flips. I would also highly recommend these diapers as a viable option for families who only wish to cloth diaper part-time.

(No disclosure statement needed here. We purchased these diapers ourselves, and I was not compensated by anyone for writing this post.)

6 responses to “REVIEW: FLIP DIAPERS

  1. Hi Carli, Flip Disposable Inserts are compostable. We don’t stress this fact in our marketing and packaging because they are only compostable under certain circumstances. Only wet Flip Disposable Inserts (not soiled) should be composted. Also, like any material, they are only compostable/biodegradable under certain circumstances, which do not include typical trash and landfill environments. However, if you have a compost bin, you can feel free to compost any wet Flip Disposable Inserts you may have. If you have any further questions about our products, feel free to email us at and we’d be glad to help. Thanks for the review of our Flip Diapers!

    P.S. Flip Diapers are my personal favorites too!

    • Hi Heather,

      Thanks for your comment! It’s great to know that Flip inserts are in fact compostable. Living in an apartment and not having a composter, we are sadly still stuck with having to toss ours in the trash, but I feel better knowing that they are made from natural materials that would biodegrade in a home composter. This probably also means they don’t take 500+ years to break down in a landfill like the typical disposable diaper does!

      • Actually, I failed to mention this before, but in a proper composting environment, they take approximately 8 weeks to break down. Much less than 500 years. 😉

  2. Hi Carli
    I’m looking at buying some Flip diapers from kijiji to sub in for pull-ups which both our 4 year old and 2.5 year old still use at night time as they aren’t consistently dry through the night. Would you recommend Flips for that purpose? Can the Flips be pulled down by a bigger child to use like a pull-up?


    • Hi Kristi,

      I think Flips would be pretty difficult to pull on and off. There are a number of brands of cloth ‘training pants’ that are essentially cloth pocket diapers with elastic sides, and I think those would probably work better for kids who are looking for some autonomy. GroVia makes trainers like this, though I’m not 100% sure if they are stuffable (to make them more absorbent for nighttime).


  3. I came across this post in my search for the effectiveness of flip disposable inserts at night. Have you used the disposable inserts on an older toddler? My daughter is 20 months and I use a disposable diaper at night because I don’t want to go the route of fitteds etc. and my daughter is a pretty heavy wetter. I now use a pampers extra protection and usually put a flip cover over top just in case. Do you think the disposable insert would be sufficient for night time?

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