Several months ago I wrote a blog post explaining my “formula” for Oliver’s daycare lunches — a main dish, vegetable(s), fruit(s) and avocado. I still follow this formula, as it makes my life simpler, and it gives Oliver a sense of routine, familiarity and predictability among the chaotic environment of daycare.

Here are a few recent examples of Paleo daycare lunches I have packed for Oliver:


(1) Sockeye salmon; (2) Avocado; (3) Cherry tomatoes and raw carrot pieces; (4) Strawberries, kiwi and blueberries.


(1) Meatballs with tomato sauce; (2) Raw cherry tomatoes and yellow pepper pieces; (3) Navel oranges and grapes; (4) Avocado.


(1) Paleo BBQ pulled pork; (2) Cabbage, apple and carrot slaw; (3) Avocado; (4) Pears.


Today’s lunch: (1) Strawberries and blueberries; (2) Roasted chicken thighs; (3) Avocado; (4) Steamed butternut squash, carrots and broccoli; (5) Rainbow cherry tomatoes. Oliver is on a huge tomato kick right now, and our local crops are particularly sweet this year.

And just for a fun comparison, a daycare lunch from a year ago. Oliver sure does eat a lot more now than he did back then!


(1) Salmon; (2) Mashed cauliflower; (3) Blackberries and grapes; (4) Steamed carrots.


  1. That is one awesome eater! I really enjoy your Oliver eats posts. If I can do half the job u have done in raising such a good eater I will be pretty pleased.

    • Thanks, Aloka! I just saw your blog for the first time last night. It’s so cool to see someone doing the same thing, half a world away. Is Paleo and CrossFit popular in Mumbai, or are you somewhat of a pioneer in having this sort of lifestyle and raising your child this way?

      • Hi carli. I guess you can say I am kind of a pioneer. This lifestyle is unheard off and I’d like to take credit for influencing some people to think in this direction though the progress is super slow. Thanks for checking out my blog !

  2. Wow, that’s so great! Thanks for sharing…our little guy is 9 months this week and LOVES his veggies and fruits! I’m looking forward to introducing lean proteins and you’ve got some great suggestions here! Thank you!

  3. This is great. Food articles are the main reason I troll paleo-parenting websites. 🙂 I too have my mental formula of what a lunch is now (meat, veg, fruit, a fat (a dip or avocado)) and it greatly simplifies things. I just search our fridge for the left-over meat, steam some veggies and toss in some fruit. Like you, I think, we have Sunday chicken, Monday fish, Tuesday beef, etc…so throughout the week we have a variety of left-overs.

    Z. still isn’t quite keen on a lot of vegetables. Do you saute them in some kind of fat after you steam them? Once she gets a groove with a vegetable, it’s no longer in season! She adores artichokes, brussel sprouts and winter squashes. Zucchini, tomatoes, green beans not so much–and we are swimming in those right now. She also eats a lot less than Oliver and I’ve heard from friends that have had girls and then go on to have a boy that boys do tend to eat more. Who knows though?

    Thanks for this post! It’s good to have an idea of how much cooked vs. raw veggies to serve up.

    • Steamed veggies get doused in melted butter and lightly salted… for all our benefit 🙂

      It took a while for Oliver to come around to most vegetables. I think many of the textures are very challenging, and it wasn’t until he got his first set of molars that he really started to eat any great quantities of them. Raw vegetables are really only a recent introduction, ever since those molars came in, but he really seems to love them these days.

      His long-time favourites have been steamed squash, carrots and broccoli. Lately, though, tomatoes are the veggie (er, fruit?) of choice. He cannot get enough of them!

  4. does oli suck out the insides of the tomatoes and then throw away the skin? that’s what J does 😉

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