This pregnancy is flying by at an alarming rate. Alarming because a) I actually really enjoy being pregnant and I realize how fleeting this time truly is; and b) because I’m alternately excited or terrified (depending on the day 🙂 ) about the big changes that will be thrust upon our happy — and currently functional — little family.

In many ways, this pregnancy feels much different than the last. The first trimester was a lot more intense – things were happening sooner, and with greater magnitude. I was in maternity pants by nine weeks, whereas last pregnancy, I didn’t buy any maternity clothes until 17 weeks! Now, I feel like I am actually smaller than I was at this point last time. Who knows…

Second pregnancy -- 25 weeks

Second pregnancy — 25 weeks (haven’t taken this week’s photo yet, sorry!).

And for comparison: Last pregnancy's 25 Weeks photo.

And for comparison: Me at 25 weeks with my first pregnancy.

Last time around, I had some minor food aversions in the first trimester, mostly to cooked green vegetables. This time, I had aversions to food, period. It just wasn’t appealing to me, and I didn’t have much of an appetite. Every afternoon around 4:00 (which unfortunately coincides with the end of Oliver’s nap time), I would start to feel completely exhausted and achy, almost as if I was coming down with something. Then I’d later sit down and grudgingly eat a few bites of supper, even though I really didn’t want to. Fortunately this was a short-lived phase that subsided around 12 weeks.

Very early in the pregnancy, I noticed a resurgence of some of the nagging late pregnancy aches and pains from last time: hips, pelvis, pubic bone. The incessant urge to pee was certainly worse this time around, and the heartburn started early. I worried that maybe I was going to be in for a difficult pregnancy.

But then, just like that, I hit the second trimester and everything got better. The aches and pains are gone, and the heartburn has subsided for now — providing I take care not to drink coffee before my workouts :). This pregnancy, I have been lucky to be largely free from the crazy-making, relentless skin itching that I experienced last time.

On the diet front, J and I fell off the Paleo bandwagon hard, but we are now back on track. I had been doing really well since the start of the new year (so cliché, I know), but it began to fall apart with my early pregnancy food aversions. Because so many things weren’t appealing to me, I gave myself permission to eat a lot of bad stuff, reasoning that eating something was better than eating nothing. But anyone who has been there before knows how easily habits can spiral out of control. Long after my food aversions had subsided, we were still having way too many “cheat meals” and late-night trips to 7Eleven for ice cream. But at least we managed to keep Oliver’s diet squeaky clean throughout.

A week and a half ago we decided that enough was enough, and we are back on the bandwagon — no cheats or treats (even Paleo ones) for 30 days! Although we will make one small concession for Canadian Thanksgiving, in the form of this very clean, very low-sugar Paleo pumpkin pie.

Fortunately, my midwives don’t require that I submit to regular weight checks, as based on past experience, our recent dietary changes will probably result in a rapid loss of about five to eight pounds of retained fluids. I’d rather not have to justify weight loss (or lack of weight gain) in my second and third trimesters.

I’ve been managing to get to the gym three times per week. This is one less weekly training session than I’d like to be doing in an ideal world, but since the ideal world doesn’t include looking after a toddler and trying to run a business, I have to be content with three. At least the present schedule provides plenty of rest and recovery time in between workouts.

My workouts are generally going really well. The only exercises I consider strictly “off limits” right now are weighted sit-ups and GHD sit-ups. Otherwise, I seem to be able to do everything else without feeling that I am risking injury. I am particularly enjoying weightlifting right now, as I am still strong, my ligaments haven’t loosened up too much, and it feels damn good to lift heavy stuff :). I can still do lots of toes-to-bar, which surprises me, and so far my belly is not too big to safely do snatches and cleans.

Due to being about 20 pounds heavier than my pre-pregnancy weight, I have recently begun needing to use a band or reduce the number of reps for large sets of bodyweight exercises, such as pull-ups, push-ups, handstand push-ups and dips.  But I’m finding that I’m a whole lot more “zen” about the gym stuff this time around. I just take each day and each workout as it comes, and I do the best I can, based on how my body feels at that particular moment.

If this pregnancy ends up being anything like the last, I will probably start to have more limitations within the next few weeks, and they will come on quickly. As the belly gets bigger, it will start to get in the way of certain exercises, and as my ligaments loosen up, I will have to scale back on the explosive movements and super heavy lifting. But it’s all good. I will just keep going to the gym and keep listening to my body.

Fourteen-ish weeks to go until we meet our new addition…

P.S. I forgot to mention in the first iteration of this post that we had our detailed ultrasound at the end of August, and it looks like we are having another boy! Let the great naming debate begin, seeing as how we have already used all three of the boy’s names that we both liked (Oliver James Liam).


  1. And then, your second is suddenly 23-months-old, just like that! The days are long, the years are short :-).

  2. So glad you’re back! I’ve been wondering how you and baby are doing. I wonder if you’re having a girl this time?

  3. Great to see an update from you, and congrats on boy #2! We’re also expecting a boy, due on my 1st son’s second birthday in late January. I’m also still Crossfitting 3x a week but I’ve already cut out a ton of movements (inversions, sit-ups, hollow rocks/holds) because I had slight diastasis and a lot of back pain in the 3rd trimester last time and am taking pains to avoid all of that and keep moving until the end this time. I’ve cut reps but not much in the way of weight when it comes to lifts, but will probably start cutting weight soon. My belly is just starting to feel awkward and in the way during some movements.

    You are looking great, hope the second trimester and soon third continues to treat you well. I would love to read about how you’re prepping Oliver for the big changes ahead!

    • Congratulations! Sounds like we are due right around the same time 🙂

      Good call to cut out the ab stuff if you have a history of diastasis. It is totally not worth the risk, especially given the amount of recovery and healing time involved.

      I’ve actually got a post started about how we are preparing Oliver for his new sibling. Now I just have to finish it 😉

  4. Hi Carli,

    I just wanted to let you know you are one of the few blogs that I follow that I ACTUALLY read. I love hearing your journey and that you still lift while pregnant. I am a new found gym junkie and I am loving what it’s doing for my body and definitely don’t want to give it up when I become pregnant. It is nice to hear an honest account from a mom. Thank you for sharing and inspiring!

  5. Hmm, I am feeling a bit jealous. I’ve never really get over that first trimester exhaustion with either pregnancy. I am doing good if I can stay awake during the day, and I usually get a good 9 or 10 hours at night. My saintly toddler sleeps until around 10 every day, and has made these tired days so much easier (God bless sleep training!).
    I did notice a lot of the aches and lose ligament pain subsiding into the second trimester. And I actually pee less with this baby than I did with the first! Weird, but I will take it =)
    Glad to have an update from you! And very excited for you guys and your second little man!

    • Oliver is an excellent sleeper by anyone’s definition, but man am I jealous of your little one who sleeps until 10! That would be super handy on weekends :).

      Both J and I are seriously dreading the sleep deprival of those early months. Though this time around, I am definitely not waiting until six months before we sleep train! Well hopefully, if all goes well, I’ll be able to work on the baby’s sleep habits from very early on, and avoid the need to sleep train altogether… but we’ll see.

      • I will be interested to here how things go and your methods!
        I have a hard time thinking back to how tired I was, and preparing to do it again. But those first weeks also come with itty bitty baby snuggles, so I try to focus on the good things! =)
        I can hardly believe I am the mom of a toddler, and I get to sleep in! I frequently will wake up before him. Always, actually, before I was pregnant. I think it is his daddy’s fault. He sleeps crazy long hours too!

        • I’ve always thought there was a hereditary component to that… J and I are two of the laziest people in the world in the morning. Before Ollie came along, we were occasionally known to lie in bed for an entire day on the weekend!

  6. Hi carli ! My son is now one and still not a great sleeper. Also since having him I find I am not so good anymore in the fitness front nor the paleo food front. First it was pregnancy sickness that made me eat alot of stuff I wouldn’t normally eat, then it was breastfeeding that made me ravenous that I ate anything that came my way, now is the year plus of broken sleep that makes workouts super hard!
    You are an inspiration. I hope I find my way back!
    The little guy is proper paleo so far though.
    Thanks for the update you look great!

    • Hi Aloka,

      I found it extremely difficult to get back to the gym after having Oliver. Not because I wouldn’t have physically been able to work out, but just due to exhaustion and not being able to manage my time with all the baby-related demands. But I feel like things were much less chaotic once Oliver was close to 18 months old. With the second one coming, I am worried about dealing with all that chaos again, but at the same time, I know now that it won’t last forever (even though it sure seems like it when you are caught in the middle!). Little babies grow up, and they start to become more independent, and you start to gain back some of your own independence.

      Don’t beat yourself up about it. You will find your way back when you are ready :).

  7. Thank you for putting this blog out onto the web! I’m currently only 4 weeks pregnant, and am constantly fluxuating between cautious excitement and sheer terror. I’m currently reading your blog from the beginning. Thank you!

  8. Have just come across this website in search of some positive attitude towards exercise during pregnancy – it’s my first pregnancy, and I’m expecting twins, so am doubly nervous! Negative comments from friends and raised eyebrows from the midwife were starting to put doubts into my mind about continuing with my strength training. I didn’t alter my training at all until a complication at 9 weeks – had 3 weeks off but am now happily back into my training (although have knocked my HIIT sessions on the head) much to the dismay of my ‘unfit’ friends. Interesting to hear about your aversion to green veg – I’ve had the exact same thing, but managed spinach yesterday at 13 and a half weeks – a proud moment! Your blog has given me the confidence and reassurance that I am on the right track – so just to say thank you!

  9. This is a great blog! I am currently at 20 weeks pregnant and have continued crossfit the entire time. You mention not doing any weighted or GHD situps…do you still do just normal admat sit ups? Thanks for the great info!

  10. Hello you inspirational momma you! I have been doing crossfit for almost a year and i am now 4 months pregnant with my 3rd child well my Dr. told me to not let my heart rate get above 120 which i feel is ridiculous lol so i wondering if you watch yours and what is your target heart rate?

  11. After looking through dozens of blogs this is so real and makes sense! I’m pregnant with #2, my first is Oliver too and it sounds like we have a very similar fitness schedule. Currently running more than cross fit to soak in the last few days of summer.
    I can’t believe how quickly I’m showing! You made me feel better knowing you were in maternity pants at 9 weeks.
    Thanks for sharing your journey. It’s wonderful and inspired!

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