Big brother Oliver introducing Alexander to the joys of the playground.

Big brother Oliver introducing Alexander to the joys of the playground.

Six months.

I never intended to take this extended hiatus from blogging, but alas, here we are.

That squishy newborn in the previous post turned six months old on Sunday, and so much has happened during this time that I don’t even know where to begin!

My sincere thanks for all the good wishes and congratulations on Alexander’s birth, and also for all of the notes of concern when I seemingly dropped off the face of the earth. I apologize to anyone who was worried about us. We are great. Life is good. Everything has honestly been going better than I ever could have imagined it would. But it has been hard to blog. Not for lack of interesting stuff to blog about, mind you, but by the time the kids are off to sleep, the house is clean, the endless loads of laundry folded, and all of the family administrative tasks finished (okay, started… or at least thought about starting… hey taxes, I’m looking at you!), I can barely string together two cogent sentences, let alone an entire blog post.

I do keep a Facebook page for this blog, and I tend to update it at least a couple of times per week with links, photos, questions and anecdotes. If things are quiet here and you’re ever wondering what I’m up to, the Facebook page is visible to the public, whether or not you have an account.

My big boy, aged two and a half in this photo. Can you believe he'll be three next month?

My big boy, aged two and a half in this photo. Can you believe he’ll be three next month?

So far we have been greatly enjoying life as a family of four. Oliver is adjusting well to his new role of big brother, and the way he talks to and plays with his baby brother makes my heart melt. Alexander has been an absolute dream baby, right from the start: sweet, mellow, easygoing and predictable. J has been crazy busy at work ever since two weeks after Alexander’s birth, which has led to the past six months being an unexpected crash course in handling two kids on my own, six days a week, often from wake-up to bedtime. Which is cool, because I feel like I’ve already gotten the hardest parts out of the way, and that it only keeps getting easier.

In May, the boys and I flew to Ontario to visit my family for a week. Yes, I took two cross-country flights, on my own, with an infant and a toddler! And you know what? It wasn’t even horrible. I figure that if I managed that, I can manage just about anything with these guys.

Pushing Alexander on the swing.

Pushing Alexander on the swing.

As difficult as the early months with Oliver were, so have the early months with Alexander been easy. I was prepared for the worst. I was dreading the baby stage. Yet here I am, actually enjoying the ride. Sure, we have our challenging days, but when I look back at the overall picture of the last six months, it’s been pretty chock full of rainbows and unicorns and glitter and puppies.

Berry picking.

Berry picking.

I know; I owe you all a birth story :). It’s written. It seemed weird to jump straight back into blogging without some sort of introductory post, so I’ll post it later on this week.

Six months old!

I’m six months old!

11 responses to “WE ARE ALIVE AND WELL!

  1. So glad you’re back! You’ve definitely been missed! Question: your last cloth diaper post you stated that if you had to do it again with Oliver, you would just do BumGenius and Flips. Is that what you’re doing with Alexander?

    • We are using the BumGenius for daytime and disposables with a Flip cover at nighttime. Disposables at night were on the recommendation of our doctor, as Alexander got a fierce diaper rash when he started sleeping through the night. We use the Flip covers on top because he often poops when he wakes in the morning, and the disposables on their own are terrible at containing it.

      Unfortunately our BG diapers aren’t quite as awesome this time around, as the leg elastics are no longer as stretchy as they once were. The diapers are three years old now, and I guess the elastic still aged while they were in storage. The leg elastics are replaceable, but I can’t be bothered to do the job, as I’m pretty sure it won’t be as much of an issue once Alexander is eating more solids. They’re still miles better than disposables at containing messes.

  2. Awesome, glad to see you here! I have a few mum friends who have found second time around easier too….one day soon i would like to join your ranks, though despite what you have said the first few newborn months are daunting to think of with a toddler around, let alone a DH working long hours! Kudos to you! I hope you are loving the Vancouver Summer with your family, it must be nice to have a sea-breeze (i live in the Fraser valley…a little less sea breeze out here:). )!! I look forward to reading the birth story, i’m sure it seems a long time ago now! How had your body recovered this time around?

    • It *is* daunting to think about. When Oliver was younger, I was sure he was doing everything in his power to remain an only child ;). I found his newborn/baby phase really stressful, and was not looking forward to going through it all again, but an easier baby and more parenting experience has made it a far cry from the nightmare I imagined.

      We are loving this beautiful summer, and hope you are too. We’re quite close to the water, fortunately, so the heat has been very tolerable.

      My recovery has been awesome — much faster the second time. I will blog a bit about that, but I was actually able to go to the gym a week after Alexander’s birth!

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