From Wikipedia“Shit or get off the pot” is a common English language colloquial expression, used to imply a person should follow up their stated intentions with action. It is also used to urge someone to complete a task with a greater degree of efficiency or timeliness than is observed at the time the expression is used.

I feel like that pretty accurately summarizes where I’ve been at with this blog for the past couple of years. It was time to make a decision to either write again, or shut ‘er down. So I’ve decided to shi… I mean, write.

Here’s the Coles Notes (Cliff’s Notes, for my American readers) version of what I/we’ve been up to:

Kids: There are still two of them; none pending. Oliver’s four and Alexander will be two this month. They’re fun, they’re intense, and they (and all their various needs and activities) are basically the reason I haven’t blogged much in the past two years.



Fitness: Might as well go ahead and remove the “fit” part from the title of this blog, because it’s been a grim couple of years for fitness. I had to let my Crossfit membership go shortly after Alexander was born, as I wasn’t making it to enough classes to justify the cost. For this year, my goal is to reinsert regular exercise into my routine, sans gym membership. At my disposal, I have kilometres of beautiful seaside and forest running trails, several parks and fields, a tiny gym in my building, some odds and ends of equipment (a kettlebell, a jump rope, a timer…) and a brand new pair of Vivobarefoot runners. As much as I like to think of activities like hiking, cycling and snowshoeing as fitness, the reality is that doing these things with small children is primarily an exercise in cat-herding and sherpa-ing. So I will carve out my own little bits of time for fitness, even if it means 10 minutes doing sprints on the rowing machine in my building’s gym, after the kids are in bed. Once Oliver starts kindergarten (next fall — can you believe it?!), I would definitely like to go back to Crossfit. I miss it!

Food: We’re doubling down and committing to 90 uninterrupted days of “Paleo-ish” eating habits (no grains, no potatoes, minimal legumes, minimal dairy, and most importantly, NO TREATS). We’re focusing on super strict habits more than super strict Paleo. For example, while honey and maple syrup are technically Paleo, we won’t be sweetening foods or making Paleo versions of treats. Likewise, peas and beans are legumes – which are technically a Paleo no-no,” but from a habits perspective, they’re more like veggies than anything else, so we’ll enjoy them from time to time.

Work: I’m still doing sleep and parenting consulting, and I’ve got my own little thriving business, Eat Sleep Potty. Until now, I’ve been operating entirely by word of mouth referrals, but I’ve got a shiny new website in the works, which I’ll share with all of you as soon as it goes live. You’ll probably start to see a lot more posts related to sleep, feeding and potty training in the near future, as I’ll be cross-posting anything parenting-related between my two blogs, but in the meantime, if you’re looking for help with getting your little one to sleep, feel free to drop me a line at carli (at)

That’s all I have time for right now, as one of my most important new year’s resolutions is to start getting to bed earlier! 🙂 Happy 2016, everyone!



10 responses to “THE BLOG: IT LIVES!

  1. sorry if you think i am stalking you but i am sooo glad you are back you are one blogger i missed! i’ve taken so many leaves off your book and re visited your potty and cloth diaper and blw posts often

  2. Congratulations on being back. I’m kind of worry about those moms that seem to have endless time to exercise, take care of kids, work, blog, get pedicures and whatever else. I have my super-mom limites and those include making three meals and two snacks each day, ensuring that everyone gets some movement and play in every day, making sure we prioritize sleep and when we’ve had enough of all of the above, the house certainly needs a good cleaning! And that, well, sums up my parenting day.

    I do exercise now, but it has to be really practical and woven within the day. I also take a bit of time for myself by doing a once-a-week yoga class and once-a-week hula class. Nothing strenuous, but I like to still be able to touch my toes and keep my posture aligned.

    We’re expecting a third in June, so any sleep tips will be good to read, though I think I’ve learned some tricks along the way during this eight year parenting journey (putting kids to bed much earlier is a key one, I think, to saving everyone’s sanity!).

    Happy New Year!

    • Your days and priorities sound similar to mine. If the kids are well-fed, well-slept, we get out of the house every day, and things are pretty clean (that’s entirely for my own sanity), I call it a success.

      Congratulations on your pending arrival – how exciting! I’ll be curious to hear about your adjustment to three. I’m very much on the fence right now, perhaps just because this particular age combination of four and two feels particularly challenging… or perhaps it’s just my kids, lol.

      I am going to write a post about newborn sleep, and what we did differently with Alexander, to gently encourage him to sleep well from an early age, so I hope that will be helpful to you.

      Happy new year to you too!

  3. Welcome back and Thank you for coming back! I have been reading your very early posts recently as I am expecting my first bub in 3 months and your posts are so encouraging and inspirational! I have continued to lift (heavy) throughout my pregnancy and intend to do so up until I can’t but there’s always that niggling voice (external and internal) telling me it’s not right – I’ve found your posts are a great support in encouraging me to continue on my course!

    I look forward to your future posts 🙂

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