Of course it would happen that on the second day of the new year, with goals and aspirations in place, and a renewed inspiration, one of my children would get sick, thus temporarily putting the brakes on, well… almost everything.

Poor Alexander came down with a terrible stomach bug on Saturday afternoon, which went downhill very quickly and necessitated a trip to the ER. Then, just when we thought he was on the mend, it came back for an encore on Tuesday morning, most inconveniently, while we were in the car en route to an hour-long appointment that we could not cancel. I think he’s finally better now, but I’m still not holding my breath that it won’t rip through the rest of the household.

The kids had been off daycare for the holidays, and I was really looking forward to having them back there on Tuesday, so that I could have some uninterrupted time to catch up on work. Obviously that didn’t go as planned. Providing nobody gets sick overnight tonight, they’ll both be there tomorrow, and I’ll have a whole glorious eight hours to myself. (Do I jinx myself by typing these words? As I write this blog post, Alexander is restless and fussy in bed… ugh.)

While my workout plans have had to be shelved for the week, I’m pleased that not everything has gone sideways. Despite of all the extra hours of laundry and cleaning (OMG! Who makes a car seat cover “hand wash only?!”), I’ve managed to keep up with meal prep, so those of us who are eating are still eating well. My major cleaning/decluttering plans have been slowed, but not entirely neglected. I spent four hours going through the kitchen with a fine-toothed comb on Monday, during the lull in Alexander’s sickness, and I’ve listed five items on Craigslist, and sold four of them. My goal is 30 items for the month, or roughly one per day. I can easily catch up.

And I managed to pull off a second blog post, albeit not the most interesting one I’ve ever written 🙂 .

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.


4 responses to “MAN DOWN

  1. Looking forward to hearing about your decluttering journey too. I’ve been doing Project 333 since 2012 and feel so much lighter.

    • I’d like to do something like that in the spring! Since having kids, I’ve really skimped on clothing spending for myself. I’ve come up with a list of capsule wardrobe pieces that I’d like to acquire, after I save a few bucks so that I can buy good stuff that will last many years, instead of the usual “disposable fashion.”

  2. Yup- the stomach bug ripped through our household. By the way your honesty concerning the things that slip like hiking and and cycling really helped my to forgive myself. I have struggled the last 2 years trying to get out and exercise with my daughter but it almost always goes south or is cut short or not actually beneficial for my “training’. I can’t even remember what I am training for. Thanks for the putting yourself out there so I don’t feel so alone. -Taska

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