I didn’t just choose this company because of the cool name ;). These are the actual labels I use to mark Oliver’s clothing and other belongings for daycare, and I can personally vouch for the quality, durability and value of Oliver’s Labels’ products.

There are dozens of adorable design and colour combinations to choose from, and Oliver’s Labels makes labels for children and adults alike. Aside from being very competitively priced (you will receive on average 30 to 50 percent more labels for the same price when compared with other companies), Oliver’s Labels is the only company that offers this FREE tracking and identification service to help your child’s belongings find their way back home!

Please help to support my blog by making your purchases through
this affiliate link:

Olivers Labels Agent, Carli Sussman

Receive 10 percent off your order with the promo code: OLIVERSFRIENDS

2 responses to “OLIVER’S LABELS

    • Will do, thanks!

      We are really loving these labels. We previously ordered labels from a different company and were a bit disappointed in the quality (and quantity), but these have been fantastic so far… and they are really cute to boot. 🙂

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